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FitMuma’s Laura Warren to host Charity Event Jump into June

Laura Warren, from Miskin, near Cardiff is a mother of two and Fitmuma UK founder.  Laura is launching a Jump into June initiative and all the money raised will go to the charity ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’. 

When you Wish Upon a Star has a simple mission, to grant the wishes of families whose children have died.

Jump into June initiative is to help raise money whilst keeping fit at home or in the workplace by simply completing daily 2 minute home/office workout challenges. The 2 minute workouts have been made for by 30 different mums and these videos will be sent to people that sign up for the challenge – each day they will get sent a new 2 minute workout video to complete.

Laura Warren started her career as a PE teacher but has since gone onto become a gym owner, network marketer, world class athlete and Fitmuma UK founder. This year, Laura Warren won the Pitman Training 2018 ‘Working Mum of the Year’ category as part of Pitman’s SuperAchievers awards, after hundreds of nominations from across the globe were submitted to the business superbrand.

Fitmuma has become a global success, it is a membership-based fitness planning website, aimed at mothers struggling to find the time to eat healthily and exercise properly. It offers an all-round guide on how to get maintain a healthy lifestyle with home exercise videos, exercises classes with nanny’s, retreats, food plans and more. Laura Warren says;

“I started Fitmuma, to help make mums feel happy, energetic, confident, motivated, and to get them leading a life that they want. We will show them that motherhood is not an excuse for not following your interests and loves or keeping healthy. We show mums that instead of feeling guilty for investing time into themselves, they need to feel proud of investing time in their mental and physical wellbeing.”

Laura lives according to her motto; “taking care of yourself, is taking care of the family.”