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Five year strategy to help people in Cardiff get more active

Could you be more physically active? From walking, cycling and activity in daily life, through to sport, Cardiff is already a physically active city and now a new Move More Cardiff strategy is launching to help residents reach their full potential.

Cardiff Council, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Cardiff University Health Board have connected partners from across the whole system to develop a 5-year strategy to get Cardiff moving more. The strategy will target four key areas of action: active systems, active environments, active societies, and active people, with the aim of reducing sedentary behaviour and making being active the norm.

Developed through 12 months of discussions with stakeholders, Move More Cardiff is a physical activity and sport strategy that takes a whole systems approach, putting the community at its core, and considering the city, its potential and barriers to activity in their entirety.

The strategy has brought together senior leaders from across the city who can influence decisions, policies and collaboration and have an impact on how active individual residents are, no matter the person, location, or level of activity.

Cardiff Council Leader and Chair of the Move More Cardiff Leadership group, Cllr Huw Thomas, said: “Cardiff is a very proud sporting and active city. You don’t have to go far to see people walking, running, or cycling regularly through our beautiful city. We have extremely passionate sports clubs from the grassroots through to our professional clubs.

“The launch of the Move More strategy will allow us to connect the whole system, helping our communities move more, in their own way, so they can reap the well-documented health and wellbeing benefits of physical activity, and helping Cardiff become one of the most active cities in the UK and renowned internationally for being an active city.”

On June 8th, Move More Cardiff launches with an event bringing all of those stakeholders and more back together to discuss the strategy, goals and next steps. With active meetings and workshops, speeches and discussions, conversations at the launch will all revolve around one common goal: getting Cardiff moving more at a rate that is suitable and achievable for all residents.

Find out more about Move More Cardiff, the strategy and how you can get involved by visiting the MakeYourMove.org.uk/movemorecardiff website today.

Want to get involved? Please get in touch at the following email address: [email protected].