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Get specialists to deal with the import of Polish windows into the UK and Ireland

Building a new home as well as renovating an existing property requires an investment in new doors and windows. You can order them either locally or online – in the case of the latter, you will save a lot of money without compromising the quality of the products.

Importing windows from Poland is very common among homeowners in the UK and Ireland. Even after Brexit, windows made in Poland remain cheaper (including the cost related to delivery and tax) than their local counterparts. What’s more, you can always count on specialists to effectively deal with the import and require minimum formalities.

Polish windows manufacturers: How can they offer high-quality joinery at lower prices?

Are you looking for high-quality uPVC or aluminium windows? Poland is most likely the best place to find them. Why? It’s not a secret that Polish window manufacturers are highly respectable worldwide. They export their products to many countries, both within and beyond the borders of the European Union. Doors and windows made in Poland can be found in Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic as well as in North Africa, North America, and Middle Eastern countries. How is it possible?

Doors and windows from Poland are highly appreciated due to their top quality as well as diversity. Polish brands offer all types of windows and doors together with a great number of accessories that improve their functionality – all of that at competitive prices. What’s more, Polish manufacturers quickly respond to the changes in market trends to meet clients expectations. That makes their joinery fully customised.

Importing windows from Poland: Is the remotely handled sales process safe?

As far as the sales process is concerned, some of us still prefer to deal with locally-based distributors rather than to order online. It makes us feel safe when there is a local office that we can visit should any problems arise. You can meet the seller personally, shake his hand, while looking into his eyes and feel that the presence of the local showroom can help you in case of any further issues with the purchased joinery. However, the illusion of safety may cost us a lot of money. When real issues occur (e.g.: the delivery is late, delivered goods are damaged or it turned out we were shipped the wrong product, or ordered joinery is poor quality), the local office often isn’t as helpful as we expected it to be. A good impression can even be destroyed by very poor quality fitting, which, as you know if not done correctly, can result in even the highest model of windows or doors failing to meet your expectations.

Ordering windows from Poland online doesn’t have to be risky. Once you choose a reliable supplier, you don’t have to worry about anything. Fenbro is a well-organised supplier of windows made in Poland. The company handles sales processes remotely and still manages to provide clients with 5-star quality service. When you are happy with the offer, the fitter is coming for the measurements, so here you can ask about chosen windows or doors, also you have the possibility to see the samples of the selected joinery and colour charts.

Fenbro: Your partner in importing windows to the UK and Ireland

Fenbro offers joinery to both B2B and B2C customers all over Ireland and the UK. In both cases, importing windows from Poland is as simple as buying them locally, except for the prices, which are incomparably lower. What do we offer? How do we handle the sales process? What makes our offer to stand out from the competition?

Importing windows from Poland to the UK

The reality for British customers after Brexit is entirely different. Processes that used to be fast and easy to handle have become complicated and time-consuming. No wonder that some British homeowners started doubting if importing windows from Poland to the UK is still a good idea. At Fenbro, we can assure you that it still pays off!

We developed an effective sales process that keeps importing windows from Poland simple and cost-efficient. We provide our customers with a full service – starting from the purchase, through all necessary formalities, and ending up with door-to-door delivery. It means that while importing joinery with Fenbro, you don’t have to worry about safety, delivery dates, required formalities, contacting custom agencies and settling VAT. We take care of everything, literally.

Importing windows from Poland to Ireland

Our Irish customers can also benefit from professional installation services. Fenbro hires the best-fitting teams in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our experts are highly experienced in installing both new and replacement windows in residential and commercial buildings. You can fully trust their expertise!