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Gordon Murray’s T50 Supercar has been revealed


Just 100 versions of the £2.36 Million ex-works three-seater with gull-wing doors will be available from January 2022 and they are expected to be snapped up by owners who will have the cockpit made to measure for them.


The model celebrates Gordon Murray’s 50 years in the motor sport and road car design and engineering business which has seen him working at the sharp end of F1 and then use his advanced aerodynamics knowledge in creating the McLaren F1 Road car, styled by Peter Stevens from 1992 and which ran to106 cars before ceasing in 1998.

That has been his starting point for the rear-mid engined T50, which uses purity of design and aerodynamics combined with bespoke components.

He oversaw weekly ‘weight watchers’ classes during the creation of the car and was fastidious in his desire to minimise weight of every component right down to individual nuts and bolts.

With a carbon fibre chassis, passenger tub and body panels the T50 weighs in at 986kg, about 30% less than the similarly sized Porsche Boxster.


With such lower kerb weight of any supercar to date the T50 can utilise its 663ps Cosworth 3.9V12 engine to provide outstanding performance potential as it revs to 12,100rpm, in line with a modern F1 racing car. Precise performance has not been confirmed for the T50 and neither have is emissions but it’s likely to be in excess of 200mph.

Fitted with a six-speed Xtrac close ratio gearbox, the mid-mounted engine drives the rear wheels and uses fan assistance to suck it to the ground so it needs comparatively narrow Michelin tyres.

Advanced steering, wishbone suspension all round and big brakes complete the package.

The aero dynamic aids are actively managed by a driver as is the engine power development so it can be very civilized in the city or given its head on a track-day event.