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Had to Impart Modern Decor and Design in an Older Home

Having an older home means you’ve got a space that likely has some character to it. Perhaps you have some interesting architectural details, a traditional home layout and design, and even historical elements in the house. But just because you have an older home doesn’t mean it has to be used as your overall design concept. There are plenty of ways you can use modern décor and design in an older home to freshen it up and make the space feel customised and even luxurious.

If you’re looking for décor and design tips or even some inspiration, these ideas are sure to provide you with just that. Here are many ways you can successfully impart modern elements in your older home.

Choose a New Colour Palette

Perhaps the most impactful way to create a more modern home design is to choose a new colour palette. Colour can have a huge impact on the way the house looks, how the existing furniture and fittings appear, and even the décor pieces you already have. You may even be able to get away with just a fresh coat of paint and nothing more.

When it comes to modern colour palettes you want to focus on light, bright, simple and clean colours. You can pick any shade of white and successfully capture the modern vibe. But not to worry, if having an entirely white house isn’t your thing there are other options. Other modern colours include various tones and depths of grey, soft greens with a grey undertone, taupe, beige, and soft neutral blue with a grey undertone.

The pops of interest can instead come from décor and furniture rather than a deep, rich or bold wall colour.

Use Contrasting Colours to Your Advantage

As you choose your new colour palette, don’t be afraid to also experiment with contrast. Modern spaces often contrast soft neutral tones with something that makes a statement. For example, a white kitchen that uses black as a sharp contrast. The black could appear in tiling, the island, light fixtures and so forth.

Hang Modern Blinds

Window coverings are an essential part of any interior design. They provide a functional purpose and they help to add style to the room. Rather than pick the first thing that catches your eye, you can use the window coverings as a way to impart a modern vibe in the room.

Modern blinds tend to be the best option for those looking to modernise the space, as they allow for the optimum amount of light to shine in, they have a simple design, and they don’t take away from other elements in the space. That clean and crisp look will work wonders in the room.

These modern window dressings from Make My Blinds provide you with a way to instantly update the space, make it appear more open and bright and they are very versatile working in any room of the house. You can choose from vertical blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, wooden blinds, and Venetian blinds picking the style and even colour that works with your design concept.

Declutter the Entire Home

Here’s another design tip that will make a huge difference. One thing that modern spaces are known for is that they are simple. They aren’t cluttered, there aren’t a lot of elements used, everything is kept very basic and clean. What this means is that a massive declutter of your house can go a long way.

Think of decluttering as a way to streamline your belongings. This is your opportunity to get rid of all those items you no longer want or need. Why keep it in the house? You can either give away items, sell them or toss them depending on what they are and their condition. Experts suggest tackling one room at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed and things stay organised. You can even set a timeline wherein you declutter one room a week until every space has gotten attention.

To achieve a truly decluttered space it may also be necessary to invest in new and creative storage options. Remember, every item should have a home.

The Shapes You Choose Play a Part

Did you know that the shapes you choose when it comes to furniture and décor will also help to create a modern style? Modern design is known for making use of “strong” shapes. This means shapes that have strong edges like rectangles and squares. Soft curved lines have no place in true modern design.

Bring in Elements from Nature

Did you know it’s also common to find elements of nature included in modern spaces? That means bringing in items you’d find in the outdoors. This can be done through the materials you use to furnish and design your home, strategically placing indoor plants in the house, the linens, and even artwork.

Veer Away from Ornate and Overly Complicated Features

When it comes to the furniture, artwork, décor, and hardware, you want to veer clear of anything that would be considered ornate and intricate. Modern design at its core is meant to be simple, elegant, and sophisticated. It goes back to the idea of clean strong lines as discussed above.

If you have furniture with ornate features, it’s time to update your items and choose something much more modern and current.

Create Open Spaces and Plenty of Room

For homeowners that don’t want to invest in all new furniture for the house, you can still create a modern vibe with the existing elements. The goal should be to create as many open spaces as possible. Furniture should be well spaced out and allow for optimal foot traffic through the room. This could mean you need to get rid of a few pieces. Experts suggest you play around with the placement, trying out different ideas until you find the one that makes sense and looks fabulous.

Metal Touches Are a Must

As for what materials to use, modern design should include metal touches wherever possible and where it makes sense. Some great examples include:

  • Chrome or stainless steel bathroom fixtures
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Chrome or stainless steel light fixtures
  • Chrome or stainless steel cabinet pulls/knobs and door handles

Once you start to change out the old items for metal touches, you will instantly see a difference in the space. This one tip alone may be all that’s needed.

Tech Features Also Have a Spot in the Home

While you may not think of your technology items in the home as design and décor, they do play into the overall look. Modern spaces are known for having high-end and high-tech pieces to capture the look seamlessly. So if you thought that big-screen television and the sleek home sound system looked out of place before, once you transition to a modern design, you’ll find they work extremely well in the space.

A Fresh and Modern Space

By using these tips and putting your spin on them, you’ll be able to create a fresh feeling modern space in your home that feels much trendier and more current. It will come down to how modern a space you want, your makeover budget, and how much time and energy you want to put into the projects.