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Hairdresser’s Guide: How to Choose Your Ideal and Fashionable Shears

Shears are a vital investment for hairstylists. Picking the perfect pair definitely should not be an occasion for trying to save a few bucks. Keep in mind that you are going to use those every day at work. While searching for your perfect hairdressing cutting gear, focus on the quality of the edge and handle.

Let’s not forget that we can find various types of shears, such as for hair thinning, modeling, or cutting. The main difference between those is the blade size. The more detailed and precise the cutting needs to be, the thinner edge you should use. This is why knowing the exact purpose of your hairdressing scissors is crucial before making a purchase. Check our tips below to make the process of buying your dream shears more enjoyable and stress-free.

Look for a Comfortable Handle

We often forget about the importance of a handle. Bear in mind that you use your shears for hours during the day. They need to feel comfortable because otherwise, creating a real masterpiece-looking hairstyle might become a torment. There are three basic handle designs you definitely want to know before making a purchase.

  • Opposing grip shears – They have a thumb and a finger hole directly opposite to each other. This position can strain your thumb and force you to keep your elbow raised.
  • Offset type – It has a shorter thumb side, so you don’t need to pull your thumb that far. With those, your elbow is forced to be raised.
  • Crane handles – They are much more well-balanced than the previous options. Sometimes they include rotating thumb holes which help you to reduce the stress on your hand and set your elbow in a lower position.

Remember to test the cutting tools in your hand before making the purchase. You want to choose a handle suitable for your hand and fingers. Most of the designs might look dull and insipidly, but don’t worry! You can find some compelling options online which will improve your hairdresser gear and look more fun. For instance, just imagine cutting your client’s hair with stylish pink shears!

Choose Suitable Blade Thickness

There are several methods to help you choose the right length. However, most of them are illogical and less likely to actually help you. The reality of professional hair-cutting is to equip yourself with one pair of thinning shears for cutting hair in hand or palm to palm and another one with longer blades.

Another important factor while choosing hair shears is the edge type. The most popular types are clamshell or convex as they can give you the softest and smoothest cut. Some versions offer sword blades – the edge is stiffed by a ridge down. Those are perfect for dry cutting and working in thick sections.

Buy from a Well-Established Company

The hairstyling industry is booming. There are many companies which sell ‘professional’ haircutting scissors and products. Still, most of them don’t have that much history and experience. That is why buying from newly established companies might be risky in some cases. The prices are not adequate to the tools’ features, and the customer care department might be in a crawling stage. If you find your shears expensive, check if it has a high-end feature and is made out of solid, highly resistant materials.

Of course, we don’t mean that every new brand will sell your second-best options. Some of those companies might be equally good as the professional hairdressing business. It is just advised to check the products more thoroughly before buying when their provider is a newbie on the market. When it comes to buying cutting tools as a hairstylist, you need to make sure that purchased gear will be resistant. Invest your money well not to buy trashy scissors which will only hinder your process of creating masterpieces on your client’s heads.

The Bottom Line

Shears are a necessity in your career as a hairdresser. Before making a purchase, you want to feel the scissors in your hands and check if they are comfortable for your grip. Don’t hesitate to check what materials are those made from. This is an investment for your work, and you want it to be durable. Don’t forget to define the purpose of your cutting gear. Is it for hair thinning? Or maybe just shortening? In both cases, the blade needs to be different.

Put more money into creating a diverse, high-quality hairstylist kit that includes different lengths and thicknesses of the edges so that you can be assured of stunning work results. Remember to check your product provider and verify if your purchase is made out of top materials to assure you of durability. We hope this guide helped you with finding your unique hair cutting shears and made you more aware of the important aspects before making a purchase.