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Halloween scare run opens at Fonmon Castle and this is what it’s like

Fonmon Castle

If you go down to the woods today, you’ll be in for a big surprise, the Fonmon Castle scare run has returned for 2022 and it’s bigger and badder than ever.

Throughout October and November, you will find plenty of spooks, frights and fun for people of all ages. Although be warned, it gets scarier as darkness falls and even the brave will need to be dared to enter.

Back by popular demand, Fonmon’s Halloween scare run has just opened and will be running until October 19-31, so be sure to book tickets as fast as you can.

What to expect at Fonmon

As you arrive at Fonmon Castle just as the darkness starts to creep in, you’ll know this is no ordinary visit to Fonmon. As you cross the bridge across the B4625, it’s like crossing a draw bridge to another dimension, cutting you off from the rest of the world.

Unsuspecting visitors arrive at the pearly gates of Fonmon Castle

You’ll be given a warm welcome by the team as they check you in and direct you where to park. Once you’re settled in, you have the option to head straight to the scare run or embark on the Halloween story trail. Now, if you’re travelling with younger ones, my advice is to arrive as close to 5pm (opening time) as you can and do the run straight away.

Scare run at Fonmon Castle

As the nights start to draw in, it gets dark very quickly after this point and it does get scarier – trust us! Also, as more people arrive, the run will only get busier the team do try and spread people out as much as they can to offer the best experience.

Fonmon Castle after dark

When walking around the grounds, it’s really like a scene out of Sleepy Hollow (the one with Johnny Depp), as the overhanging branches creek and the wildlife rustles away in bushes, it’s really atmospheric.  The Fonmon team who are known for their lighting displays, have done an excellent job of lighting up buildings in Halloween themed colours to bring everything to life.

Fonmon Castle

Now, we’re not going to give too much away and they don’t like you taking photos of the run itself, but what I can promise you is that you won’t have done anything like it before – unless you’ve been before of course! Let’s just say, they have done an excellent job to create what is a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere else. The natural beauty and scenery of Fonmon, give it an unrepeatable advantage and they’ve done well to incorporate and make use of the grounds. I’ll do my best not to reveal any secrets, but it isn’t just all about loud noises and traditional scare tactics. Silence can often speak louder than words!

Fonmon Castle

What you will find is that once you make it through the run alive, you hope, it will have you questioning everything else that you see after it. Is it real? Does it move? You’ll be left on edge for the rest of your visit, which is fantastic and exactly what you want from a Halloween experience, in a weird sort of way.

Although there is no minimum age for the scare run, just remember, if it can make you jump, your brave little goblins will almost certainly get a fright!

Medical farm at Fonmon Castle

So IF you complete the run, and you don’t actually have to run,  although some people did. You end up walking through the Dino Haunted Woods and past the raptor pit to enter the horror village. There you will find Patrick, the local magician to amaze you with his tricks. They also have a local group of Owl Handlers here for you to interact with at the medieval farm.

Meet the Owls at Fonmon

For those feeling more brave, stop by “Geraint the Snake” in the main hall of the castle. Who as the name suggests, has snakes as well as spiders for you to marvel at and to handle if you dare. You can even have a lasting memory and have a photo snapped for a small fee.

The Ghostbusters and Ecto 1 outside the main entrance to the castle to greet visitors

For those of you with little goblins, there are halloween daytime events running through half term (October 29 – November 6), which includes toddler-friendly play with costumed staff, the opportunity to take photos with the Ghostbusters and their car Ecto-1, a Halloween Adventure story trail, and a safe version of the Halloween Run that’s suitable for young adventurers.

Fonmon Castle fairy story trail

There will also be events that include the chance to dress up for the costume parade and listen to spooky tales from the castle, and Halloween-inspired food for all ages.

For anyone who wants a chance to look for real ghosts, book the Paranormal Investigations experience which runs until October 31, and join an experienced team of paranormal investigators on a ghost hunt.

The scare run costs £14.50 each + 50p booking fee.