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Helpful Ways You Can Support Your Staff Through Redundancy

It’s a process that no business wants to have to go through, but sadly redundancies can’t always be avoided. Triggering the redundancy process is a stressful and highly emotive time within your business. As the company owner, it’s vital that you have the right legal support and guidance through this difficult event by communicating and taking counsel from redundancy solicitors to safeguard your business and to ensure your employees are treated fairly, supported and guided through the consultation process carefully.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the most helpful ways you can support your staff through redundancy. Read on to find out more.

Keep In Touch

No one wants to be told that they’re at risk of redundancy and then be left high and dry as they wait to find out the result. Consulting with your employees during this period is imperative, not just for their wellbeing but for your integrity and to keep the process thorough and fair. Schedule regular chats and discussions, and don’t neglect your remote workers if you have any. Video chats and phone calls can help keep the process comprehensive and ensure all bases are covered.

Ensure Management Are Up To Speed

Your management teams may be dealing with employees at risk from the outset, whether that’s announcing the process formally, or having 121s with them to discuss their risk criteria. To keep your business compliant and the process legal, it’s vital that your management teams are supported through this process also. Give them more assistance, more time and ensure they’re up to date on the latest legislation before they begin communicating with those at risk.

Provide Outplacement Services

Outplacement services are a range of services that are provided for employees that are impacted by redundancy. These services can range from CV writing and job searching assistance, to training provisions and coaching helping them utilise new skills and even discussions with psychologists for mental and wellbeing support. Maintaining high levels of professionalism throughout the consultation process will keep your business watertight and help your employees find new roles.

Always Be Authentic and Compassionate

As a business owner, you’re going through a difficult time too. However, those at risk of redundancy should be prioritised. Highlighting your compassion and sympathy for their position won’t change the outcome, however, it can highlight your commitment to a fair and thorough process, and perhaps even prevent bitterness and resentment from turning into potential employment tribunals. The better you handle and care for your employees now, the better it will reflect on your business in the long term.

Provide High Quality and Detailed Employee References

A good reference could mean the difference between an employee getting a new role, or narrowly missing out. Of course, employers aren’t required to give detailed references, however, a glittering report can go a long way in terms of future recruitment.

In conclusion, your business must trigger the redundancy process legally and accurately, therefore always consult with your legal team for advice and guidance. This won’t only safeguard you, but also help your employees through this difficult time.