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History & future of Bitcoin and how there comes a revolution in it

Before beginning brief information, we will know about the history of bitcoins and how they became the future. They had arrived at the peak position by boosting its rise in values as this was a very new concept when it was just launched.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is the most popular form of digital cash used nowadays. Bitcoin was announced in 2008 and was launched in 2009 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of this person is not known till now. This person must believe that the person who has initiated bitcoins got dead in the future, which might affect the market of bitcoins. So this is much better if you would keep your identity anonymous.

In the starting everything was no person was aware of the bitcoins. Earlier, many people believed that this is fraud and not a better option to invest as at that time, there were significantly fewer people engaged with the internet. These people just believed in investing in the share market rather than in anything.

As if we see they were right at that time because the new thing has no physical form, with now banks included, no assurance of security that they will ask if something is going to happen because the internet was not so explored at that time.

But with time, the plain paper which Satoshi Nakamoto published came into trend, and many people started to read it, and they came to know about everything. But still, they thought that everything is open and how one could invest in it without any security. Then there was the word, ie. Cryptography. This tool helps keep the data of the user encrypted and cannot be easily decrypted.

Do people have faith in Bitcoin? 

Still, people had their doubts, but they started to invest in it. Some of them became part of the mining process. A lot of people had become a millionaire by the whole bitcoin mining process. They started to explain to the people about the working of mining of bitcoins. Then they came to know about the bitcoins. The whole process took place, and it took a lot of years to be established. Then in the market, it boomed up with its high returns on investments as till that time, people had complete knowledge about the working of the bitcoin.

With time people started to have faith in the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. But in various countries like India, it was initially considered an illegal currency as the reserve bank has imposed as India to ban banking activities with the cryptocurrencies. But the same year, The Supreme Court made it legal.

Most people have myths like if it is bought for once, it cannot be used in the future at any place. But it has been legalized in many places in the USA where you can openly use it at any place. Even on various online sites, you can pay using bitcoins.

Bitcoins are considered the future currency of the market. In the com\ing times, everyone is dealing and accepting bitcoins as the mode of payment. As a result, most of the companies started taking bitcoins to complete their monetary transactions.

Even the best part of the bitcoins is that you can buy them infractions. You do not need to buy a complete bitcoin. For instance, you want to buy 0.2 bitcoin. You quickly buy the bitcoin even if you see that it takes significantly less transaction time to be done. It became the best way of investment on the Big Money Rush of Bitcoin.

This charges significantly fewer transaction charges from the user to transfer the bitcoins to someone. Even the best part of it is that this is entirely safe for transactions as no one can even get track of your transaction in any way. Nor even a miner can track your information by your wallet id.


Hence from 2009 to 2021, we can see that there is a lot of clarity among people. Initially, there were very few bitcoin miners and users, and now there are millions of users in the world with thousands of bitcoin miners present for every transaction. This has created significant competition for the share markets.