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Hollywood most beloved casino games

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As you probably know, most Hollywood movies include some type of casino-related scenes or even plot. However, little did you know that some celebrities love to dabble in a bit of that fun themselves outside of the big, big screen.

In our brief article, we’d love to mention some of these Hollywood celebs to you and which games are the most popular in La La Land, where glitz and glamour are the main characters. We believe that you`ll be surprised with some of them!

The Forever Classic- Blackjack

Twenty-one or Blackjack is the most famous casino game out of all of them. You can spot many actors and actresses going to land-based casinos and play a bit of blackjack. Not only do the actors enjoy the game in real life, but also producers seem to enjoy it, too. There are so many movies that are based around this game. More than you can count.

So, can you relate to them? Do you like playing classic table games like blackjack?


Another top winner when it comes to favourite casino games to Hollywood celebs is the game of poker. Actors like Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, and Demi Moore are some of the biggest fans of this game. What else can you do when you’re rich and have some spare time on your hands? Spend some of that bankroll at the casino on a Friday night!


One of the main reasons as to why slots are played a lot by Hollywood actors is that it’s very easy and it doesn`t require any strategies. You just spin away and wait for winnings to come up to your bankroll. Celebrities love to enjoy classic slot machines in offline casinos and therefore have the full casino experience right there. This game is also depicted quite a lot in the movies and therefore it gains more and more fans each year.


The dice game of craps is quite loved amongst Hollywood A-list celebs. Many of them enjoy placing their stakes and usually they are quite high. It all has to do with the adrenaline that the game brings and somehow one can easily get addicted to that emotion.


Roulette is one of those timeless classic games that seem to never lose their place in the hearts of celebrities. Not only do Hollywood stars love the game, but also other popular people like Charles Barkley who is an NBA star. He could be found quite often at the casino enjoying a good old game of roulette.

The Verdict

So, apparently the craze over casino games has taken over everyone from all walks of life- from common people to the biggest celebrities out there.

This is not a coincidence since the casino brings this an endless array of emotions and memorable game sessions to last for a lifetime. Always remember that casino games are games of chance and winnings are never guaranteed.

So, whether it’s an online or an offline casino, keep your mind clear and treat it as a form of entertainment.