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How does betting on horse racing actually work?

For betting options in a particular casino, you may make use of different strategies and tactics. But these strategies do not actually work when you are betting on horse racing. Horse racing is mainly for those who are interested in such games and are aware of some important factors. Whether you are betting online or in person, the first important thing is to choose the race on which you wish to bet. The bet type is another essential factor that you need to choose. For this, it is essential to understand how betting on horse racing actually works. Also, for online betting, choosing the best horse racing betting websites is another essential factor to consider.

There are two types of Wagers under which there are different bet types.

Straight Wagers

For Straight Wagers, it is mandatory to put at least $2 bet the wager.

  • Place Betting:

This is a much safer betting type when compared to the Win Betting option. Though the amount is less, it also has lesser risk. You have to choose whether the horse on which you are betting will win the race in first position or second position.

  • Show Betting:

If you are a beginner, this is the safest betting type to go for. Here, you can bet on any three horses that you think can win the race. As you have a good scope of winning in this and the risk is even lesser than Place Betting, the amount won is also low.

  • Win Betting:

Being the riskiest bet type, the winners also tend to win a good amount at the end. In this, you have to bet exactly on the horse that will complete the race and end at position one.

Exotic Wagers

This is for those who are much more experienced in horse betting and again there are three bet types under this.

  • Exacta Bets:

This is almost a similar type of bet as that of the Place betting but it is much more difficult in terms of winning. This is because you have to choose the two horses that will win the race and also have to mention in which position they will win.

  • Quinella Bets:

This is again similar to the Exacta bet but has lesser risk. This is because when you are choosing the two winning horses, you do not have to specify here which horse will win in which position. If the two horses that you have chosen win the race, the positions do not matter and you win the bet.

  • Double Bets:

This is the most difficult type of bet that you can have. You have to bet on two races at the same time. In this type of bet, you have to bet on a horse that wins two races consecutively. Such bets are quite a difficult win and most experts conduct a lot of research work and use several combinations in mind to predict the horse on which they wish to bet.

Thus, there are different bet types to go for according to your expertise in horse betting. Make sure that you take the risk according to your capability so that the chances of losing get lesser.