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How Many People Gamble in the United Kingdom?

Although not everyone wants to admit, gambling is among the popular entertainment activities in the United Kingdom. That’s understandable because no deposit bingo and other bonuses make playing online tempting.

The legal age requirement for playing the lottery in the UK is 16, while you have to be 18 years old to play casino games.  Did you know that 47% of the 16+ population have participated in gambling activities in the last month? Even if we only count casino games, the statistics indicate 32% of the UK adult population gambled in the previous month. You can click here to learn more about the survey published by GambleAware.

Here is more insightful information we discovered when analysing gambling participation in the United Kingdom.

Who Gambles More – Men or Women?

If you thought men gamble more, you were right. However, it’s worth more women are attracted to gambling than ever. The statistics indicate that 48% of UK males and 41% of females engage in gaming activities. Why is the gap this small? The experts imply it might be because National Lottery draws a part of these statistics.

Apart from the lotto, bingo is popular among both sexes and all generations. The online bingo now offers chats to improve the social factor, and the sheer variety of available games also makes it attractive. Players can enjoy classics like 75 and 90-ball bingo and fast versions like 35 and 50-ball bingo.

Is Online Gambling Popular?

The reports indicate that 21% of the UK adult population has gambled online over the last month. People have adopted internet gaming since it allows them to play from any location.

Here are some exciting insights for online gambling:

  • Every second user plays casino games from their laptop. However, the use of other devices is increasing, with 39% of players using a mobile phone and 12% preferring tablets.
  • A vast majority of users (97%) play from home. Those that are up to 35 years old might gamble outside of their home. 22% of young adults aged up to 24 admit to playing internet casino games at work.
  • An average user has four online gaming accounts. That includes internet casinos but also betting platforms for sports and esports. Live or in-play betting is getting more popular since 25% of bettors placed at least a single wager of this type in the previous month.
  • The statistics indicate that only 0.5% of players faced gambling problems. However, only 29% believe that gaming properties are trustworthy and offer fair-play conditions to visitors.

A third of the surveyed participants revealed that they play at least once per week.

Final Thoughts

The internet is what made gambling popular and widespread throughout the globe, and Great Britain is no exception. We concluded that the industry focused on ensuring the best possible service quality for its consumers.

While gaming developers secure new and innovative games, the UK Gambling Commission works hard to implement mechanisms that prevent developing or stop gambling problems. That implies players can rest assured that the gaming industry is on a good path to getting even better in the future.