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How much do brits spend on the daily commute?

Every morning, millions of Brits up and down the country leave their home and start their daily commute. This is a source of incredible stress for many of these people who have challenging commutes and it can also cost employees a fortune over the course of a year particularly those that rely on public transport which can be expensive and unreliable.

Long & Expensive Journeys

Research from a few years ago revealed that 51% of the UK’s workforce spend an hour or more travelling to and from work each and every day. Additionally, 10% of the workforce spend between £90-100 every single month on their commute – needless to say, this is a huge sum which can eat into their wages and impact their livelihood.

The Underground

Those in the capital who rely on the underground appear to have it the worst with just 5% of commuters having a journey of less than 45 minutes and 35% spending at least 75 minutes on the tube each day. Those that have commuted on the underground before know just how busy, stressful and unpleasant this experience can be too.

The Impact of Difficult Commutes

These lengthy and expensive commutes are in nobody’s best interest. For the employees, it can impact their livelihood and mean that they do not get anywhere near as much time to relax and enjoy themselves after a long day as they should which can have a lasting impact. For employers, it means that staff often arrive feeling frustrated, stressed and with low morale which can impact performance. Additionally, those with particularly difficult commutes may look for roles closer to their home and move away from the company.


So, what can be done to reduce the stress and cost of the daily commute? Remote working is one option which is on the rise and beneficial for all parties. This is not always possible however and many companies that do allow remote working still require staff to work from the office a few days of the week.

One option which is on the rise is using a moped or scooter to reach your place of work. This can put you in greater control of your commute and it is much more affordable and a cheaper option than driving as automobiles can be expensive to own and run. Additionally, you can find cheap and comprehensive insurance for your moped with help from places like Devitt Insurance. If you work somewhere that is too far to cycle or walk but you do not want to use public transport or drive then a car then this is the perfect solution.

Commuting can cost the UK workforce a huge amount of money, affect their performance and interfere with their personal lives which is why it is so important for those with difficult journeys to find a way to make their journey more manageable.