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How Online Casinos And The Gaming Industry Are Intertwined

When someone mentions games, we immediately picture kids playing games. On the other hand, when someone says the word „gambling“, we know that it is a pastime designed for adults. However, even if it doesn’t seem so, these two activities are very intertwined. In fact, modern video games often feature some sort of gambling and the other way around. Let’s take a closer look at these two industries and see how they are linked.

In-game gambling

If you are a genuine gamer and you have played a wide variety of games, you might have noticed that a lot of them nowadays feature some type of gambling. For instance, if you are familiar with the Witcher games, you know that there are plenty of mini-games within the game that are focused on gambling. For instance, in the first Witcher game, you can play Dice poker, a game very similar to traditional poker. You can also check out Gwent, a card game that is introduced in one of the sequels.

On the other hand, casino games have gone digital, and now you can gamble from the comfort of your home. Moreover, nowadays many casino games are themed and feature plenty of popular video game titles.

Security measures

These days you can find numerous gaming sites, as well as gambling sites such as SkyCity Online Casino. In either case, you need to create your own account in order to play. This is why these two industries are all for safe gaming. They invest a fortune every year into security measures that are meant to protect the private data of the players. Also, providers of both regular games and casino ones are always reminding players that they should not share their personal data via in-game chats. Online casinos encourage their clients to gamble responsibly and take regular breaks as well.

Use of cryptocurrencies

Cryptos have surely taken the world by storm and completely reshaped it. Both industries have decided to ride that wave and join the crypto trend. Today, plenty of providers are allowing the players to make payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While gaming platforms will allow you to buy a game using cryptos, on gambling platforms you can make a deposit and gamble with Bitcoin instead of traditional currencies. In either case, this is a huge step for both industries. Making deposits and payments with Bitcoin allows you to remain completely anonymous, and keeps your bank account protected.

VR technology

Over the years, games have certainly advanced in every possible way. One of the biggest steps forward in the gaming industry was the introduction of virtual reality. Thanks to VR, players were able to enjoy a more intense experience playing their favorites. This trend was first introduced in horror games, which makes sense since it is an ideal way to enhance the adrenaline of those games.

However, today VR is not just meant for standard games. In fact, this type of technology has managed to find its way into the gambling industry. If you are looking for a genuine Vegas experience, VR can make it possible. With these VR gadgets, you can feel like you are sitting at a real poker table or playing blackjack in a land-based casino, while you are, in fact, at home on your sofa. VR is not reserved just for card games. Some developers have released VR slot games, as well. Thanks to this technology, it is safe to say that we can expect even better and far more realistic games in the future.

Playing on the go

For some gamers, playing games on your phone is not real gaming. However, this does not change the fact that a lot of people from all over the world are doing just that. The mobile revolution is here, and it is where the gaming and gambling industries really intertwine. Thanks to faster and better internet connections across the planet, you can now play any type of game on your mobile phone without any obstacles. Whether you wish to play regular games or casino ones, you can do it wherever you are. This has drastically changed the gambling industry since now players can place their bets instantly, whenever they want.

Although at first glance they seem completely different, the gaming and gambling industries definitely have a lot in common.