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How to choose preschool in Avenue U

Today, at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, parents have a wide choice: state daycare centers that still operate, in which there is a long queue or a preschool Avenue U, where parents themselves determine how many children are in the group, what they will do during the day and what menu they will have.

Also, there have appeared a lot of kid’s clubs with a program for early development, as well as childcare services based on various pedagogical directions that have received wide worldwide recognition. The decision about which of these options to choose is influenced by the financial situation in the family and the location of the preschool (although some are ready to take the children to the other side of the city), and the advice of friends.

Socialization as a reason for ensuring the kid to daycare near Mill Basin

After joining preschool in Avenue U, it is important to pay attention to the baby’s mood. Talk to them:do they have fun, is it interesting for them to communicate with other children and educators, what they really like while staying there. The child needs socialization. Especially for school years children need to develop general rules of behavior, gain experience of life in society. A person who doesn’t know how to work in a team, who avoids communication or has very little contact with peers at the age of three or more, later faces difficulties. Over time, one’s personal assessment may be either too high, or, conversely, underestimated.

Benefits of visiting daycare preschool Avenue U

According to European psychological studies, many children who study in a group eat better, dress up independently. Moreover, there is an opportunity to work with:

  • speech therapists;
  • defectologists;
  • psychologists and other specialists in preschool Avenue U.

They offer a systemic educational program, which is very beneficial for many parents who find it difficult to deal with their child themselves, especially if they are distracted and ask to turn on a cartoon or give them a gadget. Daycare service for a child is also an opportunity to find friends, learn to deal with conflicts and reach a compromise. And the experience of resolving conflicts without violence, intimidation and humiliation can be just as important to a child’s adulthood as the knowledge they will receive.

Physical activity as a crucial part of baby’s development: preschool marine park

Movement is both the work of skeletal muscles and the skills to navigate in external space, a close connection between visual perception and the correct position of the body or its parts, and switching from one pose to another. By the age of three, the child is mastering main motor skills. During first years young ones need to perform regular physical activity by:

  • moving;
  • getting the first sensory experience;
  • touching;
  • tasting;
  • learning what is warm and cold, soft and solid, similar and unfamiliar.

In preschool Avenue U the child learns how the world feels and tastes. During this period, they no longer want to sit in their mother’s arms, they are eager to move independently. Toddlers need impressions, and the richer they are, the sooner the psyche is formed.