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How to edit and write essays or articles correctly?

According to statistics, the generation born in the 1960s and 1980s is much more literate than today’s youth. Of course, education is much more easier now, cause we can find a help online, for example we can write edit my essay in Google. The fact is that the lives of modern children and adolescents are confidently filled with new technology – computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones. Such gadgets not only take away the lion’s share of time needed by children for quality education, but, unfortunately, also contribute to degradation. Today’s children learn to type before writing with a pen, read very little, and teachers, in turn, for the most part prefer to close their eyes to the level of literacy of the wards. But nevertheless, how to write correctly, without mistakes, will never lose its relevance, because knowledge, as well as classical music, is valued at all times.

How to write correctly. Why write competently?

  • a literate person always makes a good impression when dating, especially important for business people, at work communicate with potential clients in the epistolary genre;
  • knowledge is a powerful weapon with which to control other people;
  • knowing how to write without mistakes it is not difficult to write a statement, resume, explanatory note or just a note; illiteracy always makes an unpleasant impression on other people, even if they do not pretend to be;
  • no computer program can edit the entered text correctly, only a person can do it!

It is for these reasons that you need to pay special attention to your education. It is worth noting that it is never too late to start doing this. Many adults believe that they will no longer be able to learn to write without spelling mistakes. In fact, this is not the case. Of course, it is much easier to teach a child than an adult, but it is quite possible.

How to write correctly without mistakes?


The surest way to learn is to read fiction. Visual memory, even without your will, will record the spelling of complex words, phrases, and later you can easily remember how to spell a word.

However, the choice of literature should be approached selectively.

Choose books to read according to your interests – good, there are many literary genres. But it is better to abandon tabloid novels and periodicals (newspapers, magazines, booklets), because the level of literacy of journalists often leaves much to be desired.

Students of philological faculties, for example, are even given the following task – to find spelling and punctuation errors in fresh newspapers and to demonstrate them at the seminar. Reading classics, among other things, will expand your horizons – you will learn the meaning of new words, enrich your speech with beautiful metaphors, comparisons and other language expressions;

Write dictations

According to philologists, this is a difficult but most effective way to learn how to write correctly without mistakes for both children and adults. If your child is in school or university, you can take turns reading dictations to each other. After writing and checking each dictation, it is very important to work on the mistakes. You can make document editing for checking yourself.

Memorize texts

It can be both poetry and prose. This method will not only increase literacy, but also improve memory. In addition, uttered at the right time and in the right place quote classics will significantly elevate you in the eyes of friends, acquaintances, and even superiors. After reading the passage you have memorized, write it down by hand on a piece of paper so that you can strengthen your visual memory as well;

Don’t be afraid to look in the dictionary!

Even professional proofreaders, who have decades of practice behind them, always keep a spelling dictionary on their desktop to be able to make sure that each word is spelled correctly every time.