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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep When Sleeping with Your Partner?

If you are cohabiting or married, there is a chance that you are sharing the bed with your partner. While it makes the bed warm and cosy, there is a chance that you may have sleep issues due to different sleep patterns, cuddling and snoring. Other partners wrestle the blanket while sleeping, waking you every time they change the position.

Upgrade Your Bed

Most people have a full-sized bed at home. These beds are not made for couples but for single users. While they may look big, there is usually not enough room for users to turn around without coming too close to their partners. If you decide to sleep on the same bed with a partner, you will need to upsize the bed.

The best choice for a couple is a king-sized bed. It measures about 76 inches by 80 inches. That means that each individual will be sleeping on their twin XL bed. It also offers an extra eight inches above the queen’s bed. However, if you feel that the bed is too large for you, you can opt for a queen bed.

Consider Using Different Blankets

It may sound contradictory to have separate blankets when you spend time in bed together. However, it may end up being more comforting, especially if you have different sleeping patterns. There are partners who fight for blankets at night while others turn and toss in the middle of the night.

These two events will often result in blankets moving over your top every now and then. At some point, you may end up being fully exposed. One way to avoid this is by getting a separate set of blankets. In a large bed, each of you is at liberty to play with the blankets as you wish; turn, toss, or uncover them without disturbing the partner sleeping next to them.

Choose the Ideal Mattress for Your Bed

Now that you have a big bed, it is important to choose a mattress that is ideal for comfortable sleep. The best choices for mattresses are those that offer motion isolation. Many such mattresses are made of a polyfoam support core and topped with memory foam.

The use of a polyfoam core enables isolated compression when the partner moves. On the other hand, memory foam absorbs most of the vibration on the surface. Another probable choice is to buy a hybrid mattress with unique motion control or go for a latex one. Both of these perform better than their innerspring counterparts do on motion isolation.

Separate Cuddle and Sleep Time

Cuddling is one of the activities that do not lack in any couple’s bed. It is a great expression of intimacy. However, several couples end up having back and neck pains from sleeping in unconventional positions when they cuddle as they sleep.

You can save yourself from the pain by separating time spent cuddling from sleep time. Make a sleeping routine where you get close for some time before you retire to sleep. Getting started with a cuddling schedule may be hard, especially for cuddling sleepers. However, you will get used to it with time.

Purchase a Body Pillow

A body pillow is a larger foam material that helps you sleep better by cuddling you as you sleep. This is a great accessory if you love spooning your partner or sleeping on the side. The body pillow offers a soft landing for your shoulder blades and ribs while giving you an embrace that feels like a loved one. It is a solution for couples that cannot stop cuddling deep into their sleep.

Create a Similar Sleeping Routine

Consider having similar sleep times as a couple. It lets you enjoy the comfort of each other’s company as well as intimacy, cuddling and similar sleep patterns. Therefore, there is a low likelihood that one person will wake the other by tossing and turning in the middle of the night or trying to get close while the other is deep asleep.

Sleeping with your partner is enjoyable as long as it is done right. How do you do it? What are the challenges? Check the bed size, type of mattress and sleeping patterns for both of you to determine the best sleeping schedules. Have a good sleep by following the above tips.