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How to Get More Miles from Your Car Tyres

Your car tyres are one of the most important components in the entire vehicle, the only component that is in touch with the road. Therefore, its care and maintenance are of utmost importance. If you are someone who is looking for some simple yet helpful tips to increase tyres’ overall longevity, then you’ve landed on the right page!

1. Look Out for Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure plays a huge role in increasing tyres’ longevity. Your car tyres need to be properly inflated to be able to perform their best on road. Both under or over inflated tyres car result in poor fuel economy, poor handling and increased uneven tyre wear. Therefore, make sure that your tyres are properly inflated, by properly we mean that tyres should be inflated to their optimum tyre pressure, which can be found in your owner’s manual.

2. Maintain Proper Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are not properly aligned, then there are increased chances of uneven tyre wear. Misaligned wheels can also cause many other mechanical problems that can affect overall tyre performance. Therefore, make sure to get your tyres properly aligned by professionals to make your car tyres last longer!

3. Consider Tyre Rotation

Front and rear tyres bear different kind of pressure because of their different positions, thereby promoting uneven tyre wear. Consider rotating your tyres after every 5,000 miles to improve your tyre’s longevity, performance and overall fuel economy.

While tyre maintenance can definitely improve your tyre’s life, there comes a time when you have to dispose off old tyres and buy new ones for the sake of your own safety. If your tyres are suffering from extreme tyre damage or tyre wear then its always a safer option to replace them with new ones! And if you’re someone who’s looking for new tyres in Basingstoke, then do visit Headley Tyres. Enjoy value for money! Buy premium quality tyres at Headley Tyres Basingstoke. Or simply shop online.