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How To Place Bets On Basketball Teams

The winter is gone. The new baseball season is back. There is a lot of action to look forward to. Plus, basketball fans have a lot to expect. For instance, MLB betting looks set to change your baseball experience. So, if you want to make the baseball season exciting, indulge in MLB betting. Have the right strategy and you will be on your way to stardom. The following guide contains everything about basketball betting, including the tips, strategies, and tactics to make your betting profitable.

How to Place Bets

Basketball is dominated by the point spread, money line, etc. Here, you can only pick on the winning team. Thus, there is nothing like double chance.

Stay Away from Big Favorites

Remember, oddsmakers are already aware that most bettors love betting their favorites. And because of this, they often capitalize on the public bias when shading their lines. You’ll find that popular teams are the ones that are always overpriced.

When your favorite teams win, your payout will definitely be small. And when you lose, you’ll again get crushed. So, if you want to increase your earnings, be sure to avoid betting for your favorite teams.

Bet on Plus-Money Underdogs

When betting games such as football and basketball, you must win over 52.4 percent of the time. However, if you consistently leverage on plus-money underdogs, you can win at a sub-fifty percent clip and still end the match with positive units won. With this betting strategy, you can rest assured that you’ll only lose the amount you risked in case the underdogs lose. But if they win, you’ll enjoy valuable plus-money payouts.

Consider Betting Against the General Public

When it comes to betting, the public usually stands a higher risk of losing. Thus, it’s always better to go contrarian. The public often tends to bet for their favorites, popular franchises, as well as, home teams.

Moreover, they’re victims of recency bias. As such, they’ll bet on a team based on its previous performance. By going contrarian, you’ll significantly improve your chances of winning.

Use the Reverse Line Based Movement

Another baseball betting strategy involves following the Reverse Line Movement (RLM). This typically occurs when a betting line moves in the reverse direction. When the RLM is raised by a given margin, your odds get even better. So, don’t be shy to try out this strategy. It works!

Proper Bankroll Management

Manage your money effectively. This is a crucial part of your success. Always risk one unit per game. Plus, it’s advisable to bet between 1 and 5 percent of your bankroll. A good medium is 3 percent. Thus, if you choose to start with $100 then it means that you’re staking $3 per game. If you’re disciplined in your bankroll management, you won’t lose big.

Pro Tip. Understand sports betting basics, including the terms and strategies. Go through the sports betting glossary and sharpen your sport betting skills. 

The Bottom-Line

Make your basketball betting exciting with the above tips and tricks. These are the tips and tricks that will bring you real profits from MLB betting. Bet today and rake huge profits from your betting ventures.