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How to Withdraw From Online Casino With Interac

Any online casino that cares about trust and user safety will make sure there are multiple payment methods available for deposit and withdrawal. They should gravitate towards payment methods that are locally popular and trusted. So an electronic transfer casino in Canada should have Interac payment option as many Canadians love using this method. It’s even easy to find the best interac casinos or e-Transfer deposit casinos in general thanks to many ranking sites. The article will be an in-depth guide on how to find these operators and how to use Interac to withdraw money. 

Finding Safe Online Casinos 

One thing that you should remember is that some operators out there aren’t exactly trustworthy. They might deny you to withdraw found out of some ridiculous reasons, or simply because no one can hold them accountable. Luckily, you can find gambling sites that actually collaborate with Canadian regulators. All you need to do is check the list of casinos that are on iGaming Ontario’s website. Basically, all of those platforms are licensed by a reputable commission or regulator, and they comply with Ontario’s guidelines. 

Moreover, these sites are localized for the Canadian market. In other words, there is a good chance that all of these are online casinos that accept interac. Still you should browse their sites and see what kind of bonuses and games they have along with available payment methods. This is something any gamer would do, especially if they plan to play slots from specific game development companies.

Making an Account 

There are a few things you need to do before you decide to make an account in order to avoid potential payment hazard. Assuming you found a casino online that you trust, double-check its reputation on user forums. Maybe a payment speedy casino can really process withdrawal requests fast, but those could be smaller sums of money. You want an operator that can handle big payouts seamlessly. 

Moreover, make sure that Interac option is available for both deposit and withdrawal. Sometimes a logo will be listed on the site because it’s available for a deposit. At the same time, the operator might have only limited options for withdrawing money.   

Finally, go through the terms and conditions, and see the type of wagering requirements that are attached to promotions. You won’t be able to make any withdrawals if you claimed a bonus and did not meet its turnover requirements. So, you might be better off without taking that promotion. Some online casino sites have a box that you need to tick in order to opt-out of the promotion, and this happens during account creation. So, pay attention during this process and you’ll be good to go.   

Making a Withdrawal 

Interac casinos still need to verify your identity before allowing you to make a withdrawal. Typically account creation only has a few steps.

  1. Enter your full name or user name 
  2. Your email address
  3. Do you agree with our terms (this is where you need to pay attention to the automatic bonus)
  4. Enter password
  5. Verify account via e-mail

As you can see anyone with access to your email could technically make an account, and casinos need to do their due diligence in order to verify you are not underaged for example. Luckily, when you go to your account dashboard to pick a payment method you will have the option to select Interac. Since this company already has your account and has done its due diligence, the casino should not require you to further verify your identity. 

However, not all gambling commissions use the same rules for regulations. After all, online gambling sites in Canada are not based there, so they need to adhere to different sets of rules. This is why some operators might ask you to provide additional verification documents prior to releasing your payment.   

So, if you have some winnings that are eligible for withdrawal, and not subject to wagering requirements, you can make a payout request:

  1. Go to your user menu
  2. Go to Cashier section
  3. Pick Withdrawal option
  4. Choose Interac
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw

If you are doing this for the first time, it will be a few days before the payments team releases the money. They need to confirm you won the funds legally, and that you are eligible for withdrawal. Other than that the processing time is nearly instant. 

Why Use Interac? 

This one is really easy to answer. It’s a trusted payment provider that acts as a force multiplier to money transfer. It’s going to be a lot quicker than using a regular wire transfer, and you are not leaving your bank account information on a casino website. Also, gambling expenses won’t be visible on your bank statement, if this is something you wish to keep private. 


As you can see it’s all pretty straightforward. The important thing to remember is that you should create an account with a reputable gambling platform that accepts Interac. Double-check if it’s available as a withdrawal option, and go through the terms and conditions if you wish to use bonuses. The withdrawal process is streamlined and the funds will be available to you within minutes. Hopefully, you found this information useful and/or helpful.