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How vaping can save you money?

There are many advantages for someone to quit smoking and begin vaping as their preferred method of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. The large amount of health benefits are one of the primary reasons why people may turn to a vape kit and buying e-liquids to help them quit smoking, but there’s also another big reason why people are turning to vaping, and that is to save money compared to how much it costs to smoke in today’s economy.

In this article, I’m going to look at how choosing to start vaping can not only help your health improving, but how it can make your bank balance look a lot more healthy also!

The cost of smoking

The cost of smoking has reached the highest rate it’s ever been, with cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco more than doubling over the last 10 years. The average pack of cigarettes now cost anywhere from £11-£13 for 20 cigarettes, and if someone is classed as a “heavy smoker” this means they could be smoking 20 cigarettes a day, which equates to £80 or more being spent on cigarettes a week! These costs all soon add up, with total amount per year reaching the thousands which is just absurd when thinking about it!

And in today’s current economic climate with the cost-of-living crisis we are all currently living in, this is an additional large cost that many can ill afford.

A recent survey that was carried out by The Office for National Statistics looked at smoking behaviours of adult smokers in the UK as well as the behaviour of adult users of E-Cigarettes. It took a look into why people have opted to quit smoking and start vaping, and of course the most popular answer is to improve their health, as vaping will significantly reduce the risk of contracting a deadly disease compared to smoking. But in a close second, the reason that vaping will save them a considerable amount of money compared to smoking was given by many people.

How Vaping can save you money

The initial outlay to get set up with all the necessities needed to start vaping will be the biggest cost to you, but the continuing maintenance costs of vaping are relatively low, and minimal compared to the cost of smoking.

You can get a really good quality vaping device for around £20, sometimes even less than this, but let’s set the benchmark figure at £20. With every vaping device, the common things it comes with is the device itself, a USB charging cable and also two coils. This is everything you need to get your started, apart from the e liquid!

I’ll explain more further down this article about Coils and their functions within a vape, but they normally need to be changed every week or 2 weeks to ensure your vaping device is running at optimal levels, so getting two included in your starter kit will keep you set up for a few weeks before you have to buy anymore!

Maintaining your coils

A coil is the heartbeat of any vaping device, and if it doesn’t function properly, neither will your vape device! You’ll need to regularly change your coil once a week/every two weeks depending how much you use your vape.

A coil is what heats the e-liquid up to create the vapour you inhale, and exhale, and within this vapour is the nicotine that’s then absorbed into your bloodstream.

Inside of a coil casing is a small wire coil, that’s wrapped to a specific amount to create an ohm resistance suitable for your device, and through the middle it has a cotton wick threaded through it which is where the vape juice is absorbed. Over time, this cotton will start to deteriorate and essentially become burnt from the heat being pushed through from the coil, and this will in turn make your vape juice taste a bit horrible, and it’s the clear indication that your coil will need changing!

Try and avoid using vape juice that has a very sweet flavour profile, as this will likely contain a high volume of sweeteners in the flavour concentrate, and this will heavily reduce your coils lifespan. It will likely be very moreish as well so you’ll continually want to vape it and in turn make your coil work overtime, and it won’t last too long.

You can get cheap E-Liquid to keep the costs down!

There are countless amounts of cheap e-liquid available to buy from online retailers or in your local vape shops, and these are an absolute fraction of the cost of a packet of cigarettes. Vape69 offer a fantastic range of cheap e-liquid that are available in varying nicotine strengths, plus plenty of different flavours to choose from and they only cost 69p per 10ml bottle! A 10ml bottle should last on average at least 2-3 days if you vape in moderation. Compare this to a pack of cigarettes that can normally only last for one day if you were a heavy smoker, 69p every 3 days sounds a lot more attractive than £12 a day doesn’t it!

Just to do some quick maths, you can get almost 20 bottles of cheap premium e-liquid for the same price of what 20 cigarettes would cost you! And this will last for nearly two months, when a pack of cigarettes will last for one/two days at a push. It’s a no brainer!

As I mentioned at the very start of this article, the amount of money that vaping can save you is a bit crazy really, and if you are a smoker wanting to make the switch, you will not only soon see the benefits and improvement of your health, but also you’ll see a lot more money in your bank account and that also will be a lot more healthy!

I hope this blog has helped you understand just how much money you can save by choosing to vape instead of smoking, and I hope it has made your mind up to make the switch if you were on the fence!