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Important Considerations When Naming Your Business

Before you can make a beautiful website, craft a logo and take care of all those other essential branding tasks – a business name is required. Easy task? Perhaps not if you consider the millions of names that already exist!

A business name is one of the most important factors of a business’s success with a good business name facilitating success and a bad business name doing the opposite. Naming a business is a very difficult task as a business name is required to convey the identity of a business while also being as brief as possible. This is the case because long business names are cumbersome and more difficult to share both digitally and in person. A short catchy name is ideal for a business as this will be difficult for customers to forget as well as being easier to market and brand effectively. As pointed out by the U.S. government: it can be very useful and prudent to protect a business name by registering it alongside the registration of a business to ensure that no other company can use it.  

This article will break down several important considerations for business owners when they are deciding on what to name their business. 


All of the best business names are original, unique and distinctive. This is optimal from not only a marketing perspective but also a logistical perspective. A business will be unable to register its name if it is too similar to another business’s name and the specific criteria for this evaluation varies by state. An original business name sets up a business to develop an original concept or point of view and as a result be better equipped to convey to potential customers what the unique selling point of the business is. An original business name is also more likely to be remembered. 


Creativity is a very important part of developing a compelling and effective business name. Business names are short by nature and this requires creativity because of the degree of information which the business name is expected to communicate. A creative business name will also differentiate a business from the competition. This is the case because people will be more likely to be drawn to a name which is clever and creative as opposed to a generic name or one which lacks imagination. Potential customers will be given a taste of the creativity and ingenuity which a business brings to the table based on their business name. 


As previously mentioned, brevity is vital when forming a business name. The shorter a business name the better. This will make the business name easier to remember and easier to share with others. It will also make the marketing of the business easier as a short name is easier to incorporate into slogans and other marketing strategies. Many of the most successful companies in the world use single world business names such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Tesla. These companies understand the critical nature of brevity in their business names and it would be impossible to conceive of other, longer names for these businesses. 


Making a business name accessible to the consumer is important because it increases the shareability and memorability of a name. People will be unlikely to share a business name which they are unable to pronounce or understand. This will also make marketing more difficult as some vital marketing time will need to be spent on explaining the name or explaining how to pronounce the name so that customers can properly engage with the business. A name which is simple and rolls of the tongue with ease will put a business in a great position to have their name shared by the largest number of people.  

Using a Business Name Generator 

Formulating a business name is a difficult process and assistance in this regard can be greatly appreciated. That is why using a business name generator can be very helpful for a business owner looking to start their own business. Companies like Wix, Godaddy, Shopify and TRUiC created some tools to make your life easy so you can get to the fun part much quicker. That said, not all tools are equal and you should test-drive a few to find the most reliable and intuitive solution.

AI-Powered Tools: The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) has developed a business name generator which is on the cutting edge of name generation technology. It uses AI to create business names which are relevant to the keywords which the user inputs as well as the industry which they have selected for their business. These names can be used for free or they can be used as inspiration for further ideas and development for a business’s name. 

Final Thoughts 

Because of the importance of a business name to a business’s success a great deal of time and care should be taken when deciding on the name of a business. Certain considerations should take priority when deciding on a business name. Originality should be emphasized because this separates a business from the competition. 

Creativity is important because creating a compelling business name requires a high level of imagination. Brevity is vital because it makes a business name easier to remember and communicate. A business name should be accessible so that it can be more easily marketed and transferred. Finally a business name generator can be incredibly helpful in the process of creating a great business name.