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Improve Sewers To Clean Up Wales’ Rivers, WWF Say

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has called for improved sewage systems across Wales, as it is revealed that just 14% of rivers meet EU expectations. With waste being dumped into Britain’s waterways, drainage companies are starting to do more to improve the movement of sewage away from open rivers.
If this can be done, it will improve the health of Welsh citizens while helping local wildlife to thrive. Even urban based Welsh children love to swim in the rivers in summer time, so it is hoped that the government will do more to meet EU expectations for a greater number of rivers. With Wales’ commitment to environmental protection as well as the health of citizens, cleaning up the rivers should be a major priority.
Government Target Unlikely to Be Met
The European Union (EU) has guidelines on how rivers in member states should be in terms of cleanliness. If and when the UK leaves the EU, it is likely that the government will adopt similar standards. However, just 14% of rivers currently meet this standard. This is despite claims from the UK government that vast improvements are being made.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has predicted that 75% of the rivers across England, Scotland, and Wales will meet EU regulations by 2027. However, the WWF disputes EPA speculations, saying that this target is very unlikely to be met at current rates of improvement. It may therefore come down to drainage companies to do their part.
How Drainage Companies Are Helping
Many sewage companies are improving their drainage systems to allow for less waste pollution. For instance, a look at sales page options, shows manhole covers that have been modified and improved for increased accessibility. This means that it is easier for drains to be serviced and ensure that they are functioning properly. It also allows pipes to be reconstructed and made more resilient to corrosion.
Private sewage companies should work together with government agencies like the EPA and environment charities like WWF to ensure a solution to the problem of river pollution. With a few simple changes, it is possible for rivers to meet EU expectations. This is essential for the wellbeing of Welsh residents.
The Benefits of Clean Rivers for Welsh Citizens
Dirty rivers carry disease, which can affect anyone in the water or be transported to land by plants and animals and is needed for drinking water. Furthermore, Wales prides itself on its outstanding natural beauty, which is lost when rivers become dirty and polluted. Finally, the rivers are home to numerous species of plants and animals that help to maintain a healthy ecosystem. For animal lovers, protecting the rivers helps animals whose habitat is water, as well as land animals who drink from rivers and creeks.
The WWF has released a daunting prospect of Welsh rivers, which are unacceptably full of sewage. However, drains are being improved, which should help to bring Welsh waterways up to an acceptable standard. For the sake of local residents and animals, it is hoped that the government can hit its targets sooner rather than later.