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Improved Transport for North Pembrokeshire

Pictured is the Bwcabws in Wolfscastle

Two North Pembrokeshire on-demand bus services are amalgamating.

Bwcabws and Fflecsi Pembrokeshire are joining together to provide an integrated service, with standard fares and booking procedures.

The move will enable customers to switch seamlessly between buses, said Cllr Phil Baker, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure.

“This is great news for passengers,” he said. “Instead of having two different systems and pricing structures, the whole process will be streamlined, make booking transport much more straightforward.”

He added: “The TfW Fflecsi service has demonstrated how demand responsive transport can play a vital part in transforming public transport in other parts of Pembrokeshire already. We are delighted to be playing a part in delivering this innovative new service enhancement and learning from the customer and operational feedback provided by the new technology.”

Whilst the bus serving the Bwcabus zone will still be operated by Richards Bros, the service will become part of Fflecsi Pembrokeshire which will see the introduction of matching ticket fares.

The amalgamation will also allow customers the ability to book via the Fflecsi App and get a confirmed booking straight away. Customers will still be able to phone to book by using the Fflecsi Call Centre – 0300 234 0300.

Fflecsi Pembrokeshire is now made up of four zones:

  • St Brides – covering the West coast from Little Haven up to St David’s, across to Trefin, down to Haverfordwest and then back across to Little Haven.
  • St Aidan – covering the North coast from St David’s to Lower Town Fishguard, down to Trecwn, across to Newgale and back up to St David’s.
  • Jemima – covering central north Pembrokeshire from Haverfordwest, up to Abercastle, across to Lower Town Fishguard and back down to Haverfordwest.
  • Bwcabus – covering central north Pembrokeshire from Castlemorris, across to Mynachlogddu, down to Llanycefn, across to Hayscastle Cross and back up to Castlemorris.

The fixed Bwcabus routes will also be returning and these can be used without prior booking:

  • 642 (Crymych-Mynachlogddu-Llangolman-Rhosfach-Maenclochog-New Moat-Clarbeston Road to Haverfordwest) – Every Friday
  • 643 (Puncheston-Little Newcastle-Ambleston-Wallis-Woodstock-Spittal to Haverfordwest) Every Monday and Friday
  • 644 (Rosebush-Maenclochog-New Moat-Clarbeston Road to Haverfordwest) – Every Tuesday
  • 645 (Trecwn-Puncheston-Little Newcastle-Letterston to Haverfordwest or Fishguard) – Every Thursday

There are also some improvements which are being made to schedules of the three existing Fflecsi zones:

  • On Saturdays, the service will be available throughout the three zones from 08.30 to 18.30.
  • More journeys available between 12 noon and 1 pm [as the drivers will be taking a more flexible lunch break].
  • New ticket options.  As well as weekly and monthly tickets for regular passengers, Fflecsi are introducing a new 12 trip ticket, giving significant savings against the single ticket price. [12 trip tickets for journeys under 5 miles £18 adult, £7.20 child; 12 trip ticket for journeys over 5 miles £25.20 Adult, £14.40 Child].  This is a great option for people wishing to travel regularly but not every day. It also offers a discounted option for groups travelling together.
  • You can now see all the public transport options for your journey in one place.  The app will show you information about fixed bus services (such as the T5 and T11) if they are an option for your journey.
  • Community groups and activity organisers – please talk to Fflecsi about how they could help meet your members’ travel needs.  Contact Karel on [email protected]

Also, with the coastal buses now moving to their winter timetables, Fflecsi Pembrokeshire continues to run six days a week throughout Northwest Pembrokeshire, giving access to the coast from Fishguard, around the St Davids peninsula to Little Haven.