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Incredible pictures show emergency services training exercise in Cardiff

Credit: South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

No, Bruce Willis was not in town, but instead a multi-agency emergency services training exercise was recently conducted in Cardiff.

Residents living near Llanishen in Cardiff were made aware of an emergency service training exercise at a high-rise premise known as Gleider House on Saturday the 23rd of October 2021.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service alongside their emergency service colleagues took the opportunity to carry out the exercise to challenge responders and provide real-time experience in high-rise rescues.

By trialling a multi-agency response it gives emergency services the opportunity to test and perfect their coordination and response procedures.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

The exercise simulated a high rise building fire and involved a significant number of fire service vehicles alongside other blue light services.

Beginning at 9:00am the exercise was concluded by 4:00pm. To minimise any disturbances caused by the exercise, responding vehicles travelled to the location without sounding their sirens or using the blue lights.

A spokesperson for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Practical training sessions for emergency services are crucial to ensure they are well-equipped to respond to a wide range of emergencies.

“We would like to thank residents for their patience and understanding while this training exercise was being carried out.”