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Initiative launches to match international surgical students with Wales-based training posts

A MAJOR new initiative has been launched placing international surgical trainees into posts throughout the UK’s NHS Trusts and Boards – with Wales set to benefit.

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Building on previous schemes that have now helped to match up more than 1000 international medical graduates (IMGs), The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) has now launched the UK’s first International Postgraduate Deanery (IPD).

Over the past three years (2016-2018) the RCSEd has placed a total of nine IMGs with roles in Wales alone – and it is hoped that the Deanery will boost this number further, providing vital training and much-needed personnel while boosting patient safety.


This will allow IMGs the opportunity to spend up to two years contributing towards patient care in the NHS, boosting training and development within the health service, with many trusts facing a challenging shortage of surgical staff against the demands of a growing and ageing population.

As the largest of the UK’s four surgical Colleges and a 26,000 strong membership across 100 countries worldwide, RCSEd will use its global span and local expertise to ensure the ideal candidates are paired with the most suitable roles, based throughout the country.

Stuart Clark, International Postgraduate Dean, Member of RCSEd Council, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon said: “I am excited to announce the launch of RCSEd’s new International Postgraduate Deanery.

“The Deanery will offer Trusts the opportunity to provide high quality training to overseas doctors whilst utilising their skills and expertise within the NHS. RCSEd has over 25 years’ experience of delivering similar programmes and we are keen to use this expertise to continue to deliver a world class service.”

RCSEd provides training, examinations and development to medical professionals and while headquartered in Edinburgh, the College has centres in Birmingham and Kuala Lumpur to serve growing UK and international memberships.

RCSEd are conscious of the considerable value that the exchange of global surgical knowledge brings to the NHS, and intend to use the IPD to advance this. The Deanery will ensure that trainees are fully inducted to the NHS and UK practice, and equipped with the non-technical skills required to provide high quality patient care.

In turn, the College will support doctors towards achieving their training aims and ensure they are treated with the same fairness as their UK counterparts. IMGs are an invaluable asset to the NHS, and it is essential that this value is recognised.

Pala Rajesh, Vice President RCSEd, Cardiothoracic Surgeon said: “I have enjoyed my role in developing the International Postgraduate Deanery, and look forward to seeing it come to fruition. The Deanery will allow the College to develop its existing international portfolio and engage with our Members and Fellows around the globe while supporting the NHS.”

Unique to RCSEd, the College will be proud to award Membership of the International Postgraduate Deanery (MIPDEd) to all trainees who successfully complete their training with the IPD, and look forward to continuing to work with MIPDEds following their return to their home country to implement the skills they have gained in the NHS.