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Inspiration for Summer Home Decoration

Is it time to redecorate? Are you bored of your cream walls or your boring bench?

Maybe it’s time to think about adding some special touches to the existing furniture in your home, or creating some new statement pieces! As Summer approaches, now is the perfect time to switch up your home.


Painting has got to be one of the simplest things you can do to update furniture or rooms in your home. A fresh coat of paint can resurrect an old garden bench, a worn-out coffee table or those seriously faded chairs in the dining room. You’ll also enjoy the creativity that a new can of fresh, vibrant colour can inspire in you.

Make sure to select the appropriate type of paint for the job at hand, along with thinking about coordinating colours with the rest of your house. If you live in a minimal, monotone space, maybe a pop of colour will send you in the right direction!

DIY Projects

DIY projects may seem complicated or time-consuming, but there are a lot of mini projects that require minimal effort that lead to maximum results. Upside-down tomato planters or bird feeders can help you to recycle old plastic bottles or empty jars and cans.

If you have a green finger, planting some new flowers or vegetables will breathe life into your garden. You know you want some new plant babies to focus on! New plant pots for your balcony or your garden can get you started on your next planted protegée.

You can easily create some terrariums with mason jars or empty jam jars. You’ll also need charcoal, moss, soil and gravel to create a comfortable home for your succulents or cacti. If you need some extra lighting outside, these jars might also be useful to put tealights or battery-powered lights in. Set them up in key locations in your garden or even hang them from a tree using old wire or clothes hangers! Ideal for romantic evening dinners in the garden or long summer nights with family.

Repurpose old or unused objects lying around the house, such as old wooden crates or boxes. Use some stencils to convert them into chic storage containers for trinkets or just about anything else you need to tidy up or organise! You could also use them to display your trainer collection or as a handy container for your dog’s toys.

New deco pieces

Another beautiful and simple touch which will bring some spice into your home décor is a unique rug. Give a nod to the colourful streets of Morocco for an exotic atmosphere or pick a fluffy, cosy rug for some serious hygge vibes.

Have a look at this slideshow for some chic decoration ideas for your humble abode! You can fashion some seriously sophisticated decorations for your home with super simple materials and tools. For example, use some twine and hot glue to make circular coasters! If you are feeling adventurous you can experiment with different shapes.

There are hundreds of great home decoration ideas that are simple and cost-effective. Gather some design inspiration, colour palettes and work with what you’ve got! Whether you want to solo decorate, or involve the whole family, there are plenty of options for all levels of DIY lovers. Put your creative thinking cap on and spark some joy in your life!