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Is Amazon good for golf gloves?

In a world where you can buy fresh fruit and 4K TVs from Amazon, can you buy golf gloves? The answer is yes (of course). I suppose the next question is, are they good? Again, the answer is yes. From Amazon you can buy the best golf gloves you could find through your favourite retailer.

There are a few perks of purchasing golf gloves from Amazon, the first being free delivery, if you buy a glove online through a high street retailer you will most likely pay a delivery fee because most gloves fall below the free delivery threshold.

The second perk is quick delivery, many people now have Amazon Prime, and most products are available to order through Prime and can be received next day at no extra cost. The only downside is the inability to try before you buy. However, Amazon returns are quick and easy.

What are the best golf gloves on Amazon?

FootJoy CabrettaSof golf glove

The CabrettaSof is made from Cabretta leather which gives this glove a premium feel. This is a soft and comfortable golf glove that is lightweight and breathable. The FootJoy leather gloves are very durable compared to other brands leather gloves.

The handcrafted Cabretta design is flexible yet secure which makes this one example of FootJoy’s excellent glove options, as the No.1 glove in golf there is a FootJoy option for everyone. This glove is also available for ladies.

Callaway Syntech golf glove

A brilliant golf for every condition, the Syntech is Callaway’s most advanced all-weather glove. The gloves reinforced leather palms give this glove excellent grip and durability rain or shine.

The X-Spann material improves moisture wicking, breathability and flexibility. Despite being a synthetic golf glove, this is surprisingly soft and comfortable. Definitely one to consider by a leading golf brand at a very reasonable price. Also available for ladies.

TaylorMade Rain Control golf gloves

Made from a technical microfiber material the Rain Control waterproof golf gloves offer up to 40% more grip than a traditional glove in the rain. Being partly microfiber, the gloves dry incredibly quickly, while the nylon fabric is really durable.

They feel very comfortable and secure in the wet, which you don’t always get from rain gloves. A pair of rain gloves is always good to have in your golf bag and the TaylorMade Rain Control are a great option.

Callaway Thermal golf gloves

For those golfers who play in cold conditions, the Callaway Thermal golf gloves are an excellent option to help keep your hands warm during your round. Not only are these gloves warm, but they are comfortable too.

The OptiTherm thermal fleece lining ensures your hands stay warm even in the coldest temperatures. Depending on where you play golf these will either be a staple or only a purchase if you travel. These gloves are also available for ladies too.

How do you choose the best golf glove on Amazon?

On Amazon, there are a lot of gloves you have probably never heard of by brands you have probably never heard of. It is important to consider the following so you buy a good glove off Amazon.


This is quite possibly the only time you will be told to spend more, if you see a ridiculously cheap glove you are probably best avoiding it and finding something from a more reputable brand. However, certain brands are cheap such as Finger Ten, and you should consider them.


You can’t try the glove on before you buy so always make sure you know your size before ordering from Amazon. If you are unsure what size, then you are probably best off finding out before you purchase. If you want to take the risk without knowing your size, make sure the returns process is straightforward.


Most gloves on Amazon will specify the material of the glove but it may not be explicit. Some of the gloves will be common and you might know. Although, there are more uncommon brands on Amazon and before buying one of these gloves make sure you find the product description which will tell you if it’s leather or synthetic, waterproof or winter