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Is bingo a women’s game?

Bingo has always been the favourite pastime for Brits because of its interactive and delightful vibes.

Anyone with some free time on hands would love working with these cards and chanting Bingo at the end.

According to a recent study published in Mirror Online, there are around 3.5 million bingo players in the UK; 4 out of every 5 players are stay-at-home moms. The UK has 650 licensed bingo places, and this number is continuously increasing. The shift from traditional bingo places to online platforms has made this game more manageable for everyone as they don’t have to “make time” to visit a casino to play it. The UK gambling commission’s report suggests that 51 out of every 100 bingo players use their mobile devices, and prefer online chat rooms instead of the conventional ones.

The same Mirror Online study states that around 80% bingo players across the globe are women who spend a considerable time of the day with these cards. Well, women’s tendency towards the board and interactive games is not something surprising as they go along well with their nature. However, one significant difference in Bingo during recent years is its shifting from brick-and-mortar bingo halls to online slot websites.

How many people play Bingo in Wales?

Wales, despite comprising 4.7% of the UK’s population, is considered to be the hub of Bingo. The number of lucky Bingo jackpot winners is also crazy in Wales; in 2018 alone, four bingo players won over £150,000 jackpot within a month. People from rural Wales are keen on learning new Bingo tricks and applying them to win big.

Why do women play Bingo more than men?

There is no stereotype behind this notion that Bingo is a women’s game, thanks to the ladies’ hold over all major platforms. Bingo, which initially surfaced as a lax activity, has turned into a competitive sport, and women are acing it with their passion. Be it an online bingo slot or a casino; women are everywhere.


Unlike the majority of men, most women like socializing and connecting with newer people. Bingo is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to make new friends and be mentally active as well. Most bingo sites and casinos focus on attracting their women customers as they are more abundant in number than men.


Bingo requires concentration and luck, which collectively make a delightful experience. Competitive sports are more difficult to master, and one needs the utmost practice to win big in them. Therefore, Bingo is deemed as a natural alternative for busy moms and working women who cannot boggle with video games. Unlike most online games, Bingo isn’t challenging; one can play inside his/her comfort zone. Traveling through the bestaustraliaonlinecasino.com portal, you can choose different options for the game.

Healthy competition 

Cognitive ability and the tendency to compete lead towards healthier mental health, which can be achieved with Bingo. Online bingo platforms have made this pursuit easier for everyone, as the need to step out is mostly eradicated. Women take Bingo as an opportunity to socialize and develop a new friends’ circle instead of focusing on the prizes, which are the perks of this game.

The gambling industry in the UK keeps fluctuating owing to the game trends and the public’s preferences. But, one of the very few things that remain constant is Bingo. Brits have played it for centuries, and despite all the changes in worldwide trends, it never goes out of the picture. Women were and still are the majority of Bingo players, due to multiple reasons. Bingo websites and slot machines see a visible percentage of women players who come there to unwind.


Underage gambling is an offence. You must be over 18 years old to gamble.

Any form of gambling should always be fun, playing in a way that is right for you. It’s good to set limits, take time out or set up reminders.

Please gamble responsibly and in moderation.

For more information on the tools available to help to keep you safe or if you want advice or support you can call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133 (England, Scotland and Wales or visit Gamblingtherapy.org).