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Is Getting into Forex Worth It?

Trading has become a rather adventurous career this year. Forex experienced a lot of highs and lows in the recent months. It’s exceptionally relevant in the past 30 days, considering that the highs have been particularly high, and the lows have been very low.

There’s actually been so much news about this market lately that new traders don’t rightly know which of these markets to enter. A lot of people – wisely – choose not to enter at all. But for those brave people who want in, there is actually a lot to consider. You can win a lot, but also lose a lot.

Forex Situation in 2022

The value of foreign currencies is tightly connected to the respective economies of each currency. Because of it, the year has been stressful for many Forex traders.

The main things to consider are that the euro has declined massively this year, whereas the dollar has been steadily increasing in value. As for other world economies, it depends on how tough the economic situation was in their countries. For instance, the British pound suffered massively because of inflation, political instability and gas crisis.

A lot of economies shrank in recent histories, which made many investors pretty unhappy, although it enabled some to short products related to the declining currencies. This has generally caused harm to a lot of Forex exchanges. 

Some exchanges fared better than others. In particular, there are many exchanges that are respected, trusted and regulated. You can find a few of them yourself, but it’s often better to find an expert-compiled list. For instance you can see this listing with best Forex companies from TopBrokers.  

Current Situation

A lot has changed in October and November. In particular, the agricultural and gas crises have mellowed down a bit, while the economies of European countries started to recover. At the same time, the dollar started to fall after a period of rapid growth because of the many failures of American companies.

Amazon and Meta are the two most prominent examples of massive value declines. They deteriorated because of the unmet goals and reduced profits – with Amazon in particular losing over $1 trillion. Besides this, the recent elections and crypto problems also took their toll.

The European economies, for their part, have started to gradually recover. Because of it, the euro, a currency that saw a lot of issues this year, also grew in price – but slightly. There’s still a lot of time before Europe starts to truly recover, and before now and then they’ll have to survive a winter in the midst of an energy crisis.

Because of it, there has been a lot of movement on the Forex market lately. If you are a Forex beginner, you are particularly well suited for some market speculation. The reason is that these recent trends won’t last much. The dollar will soon recover from the sudden shock, while the euro is likely going to decline come winter.


Getting into Forex now is a good enough idea if you mean to exploit the curious situation that has started lately and is expected to end soon. There is a lot to gain from it, especially if you have a proper Forex advisor. Even so, don’t forget that it may very well reverse next month.