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Is My Rolex Real Or Fake?

How can you tell if a Rolex is genuine?

To avoid getting a counterfeit Rolex, buy one from a trustworthy vendor. Forged Rolex watches may cost anything from £20 to £600, depending on the quality and quantity of components used in their creation. It’s an example of how to spot a real Rolex because the price may be as low as £1000.

Here are a few methods for determining if your Rolex is genuine or not:

1. Stamping of the Serial/Model Number

  • Real – Between the Lugs, a genuine Rolex will have an excellent and sharp engraving of the model and serial number.
  • Fake – A thick letter engraving and a smudged serial number will characterize a phoney Rolex.

2. Rolex Movement

  • Real – The Rolex logo will be etched on each component of the watch. It allows for smooth operation, and there would be no ticking noises.
  • Fake – Quartz movement is used in a fake Rolex. This is one of the reasons why the second hand will not move steadily, and the speed will vary (fast, slow, stutters). There will be a ticking noise with this replica because of the quartz mechanism, which a real Rolex never would.

3. Cyclops is a magnifying glass that focuses in on the display date.

  • Real – On a real Rolex, with a big number, the display date would be magnified by 2.5x.
  • Fake – A Rolex with a fake display date will have the date zoomed by 1.5 times or less and a small type instead of a large one.

4. 3 seconds in water – Waterproof ability

  • Real – To determine if your Rolex is genuine, soak it in water for a few seconds. It shows that your watch is genuine if there is no water inside the dial.
  • Fake – However, if you conduct this test and there is water inside the dial, it implies that your watch is a fake since it can be infiltrated by water.

5. Rolex Watch Weight

  • Real – A real Rolex watch will weight considerably more than the imitation. It is constructed of 18 Karat stainless steel, platinum, or gold, and all of the components are meticulously selected and mechanized. The “Oystersteel,” for example, is 904L stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Fake – A Rolex knockoff would be light since it would utilize less materials.

6. Case back

  • Real – A Rolex watch’s back case, by definition, will be smooth and lack engravings (unless customized). However, two watches are known as the “Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve” and the “Milgauss Model,” which feature engravings since they are rare vintage pieces from the 1930s. Other than that, if the markings include the logo, it’s most likely a phony.
  • Fake – A clear case back on a phony Rolex allows you to view the watch’s mechanism.

7. Micro-etched Crown

  • Real – The Rolex firm began etching a tiny crown with raised bumps next to the 6 o’clock dial in 2002. It confirms the watch’s authenticity since it may be magnified to reveal the crown.
  • Fake – If the crown is visible from a distance, it’s an indication that your watch is a fake.

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