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Is Tom Jones the Greatest Welsh Singer of All Time?

Sir Tom Jones is easily one of the best-known Welshmen in the world, having enjoyed success at the top of the music industry for decades. The 82-year-old first rose to prominence in the 1960s, with songs like Green, Green Grass of Home and Delilah. His iconic raspy voice is instantly recognisable, and he is easily one of the most talented singers ever to hail from Wales. But is he the greatest of all time?

Jones Has Enjoyed a Recent Resurgence as a Coach on The Voice UK

Jones may be better known among older audiences, but he has enjoyed a recent resurgence that’s helped him gain the attention of younger generations as well. He joined The Voice UK in 2012, and has been a coach and judge on the popular reality series since then.

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Responsible for Some Absolute Classics

Jones emerged in the 1960s as the British answer to Frank Sinatra, and he quickly became a mainstay in Las Vegas. In fact, the Welshman performed in the iconic gambling city for at least one week every year until 2011, making him one of Vegas’s longest-running acts.

Over the years, Jones stayed at the front of the mainstream with numerous songs that went down as classics. These included tracks like She’s a Lady, Sex Bomb, and It’s Not Unusual. Even people who aren’t fans of the singer can recognise his distinctive vocals and can appreciate his commanding stage manner.

What Other Notable Welsh Singers are There?

Wales has produced some incredible singers over the years, so it’s hard to say that Jones is the greatest of them all. In the 1980s, Shakin’ Stevens overtook Jones and became the UK’s biggest singles artist. The rock-and-roll singer and songwriter charted 33 Top 40 singles in the country.

Another Welsh singer with a truly unique voice is Cerys Matthews, who rose to prominence in the 1990s as the lead singer of Catatonia. Then, of course, there are the likes of Duffy, Shirley Bassey, and Charlotte Church. Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics also has an amazing vocal range.

Jones is the most famous and one of the best-selling Welsh artists of all time. He could be considered the greatest singer, but he has some stiff competition, making it more a matter of opinion.