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Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary For A European Holiday

For quite some time now, no matter where you are from, traveling has been banned. Well, not entirely banned, but traveling abroad, something we never considered as impossible, is now precisely that, impossible, but things are changing, and since there is a vaccine now, everything should get back as it once was in every sphere of our life, traveling included.

The problem is that vaccination of the whole population requires time, and it is not something that can be done overnight. Because of that, the only thing we can do is take all the necessary precautions to remain safe while traveling. That is why we will now take a closer look at European travel insurance, what coverage insurance companies offer, and whether holiday insurance is really necessary for a European holiday.

Inquire about the cost of treatment

Before deciding on whether you need insurance during the holiday, keep in mind that not all countries have the same price for the same treatments, and, in some of them, even tick extraction can be too expensive, so having insurance can save you a lot of money. Insurance needs to cover all the treatment costs or refund the money you needed to pay from your own pocket.

Of course, it stands only for emergency interventions and not for planned treatments abroad. Because of that, collecting the information about medical costs in the country you plan to visit can help decide whether to get insurance and, if so, what kind, or go without it. It can be crucial for older people or those with some chronic conditions to choose the full insurance plan, while young and healthy people can go with a basic one.

The price also depends on the package you take and insurance coverage, which is another fact to be aware of. These days, Annual Travel Insurance with multi-trip coverage is becoming more popular. It gives the possibility to change your plans and save money if you travel two times per year or more. Even though many people often overlook the possible risks during the trip, it is always better to be prepared for every situation than to end up sick in a foreign country without both money for the treatment and insurance coverage.

The pandemic changed it all

Even if you decide that you need insurance, keep in mind that it is challenging to find the one that will cover the COVID-19. That is because no matter where someone is planning to travel, the current risk of infection is way too high, and today, no one advises traveling on the contrary, and not covering these expenses connected to COVID-19 is just one way to prevent travel.

It is necessary to read everything carefully and be sure what costs are covered and what not before going anywhere abroad. Because of the worldwide pandemic, the government measures in order to stop the virus from spreading are changing daily, and every country is dealing with this issue in their own way, so it is necessary to inform yourself well before departure. If there is a possibility of finding an insurance plan that can cover the costs of treating the COVID-19 infection, it is not something to think twice about, and you should get it since no one can be sure that he will not get infected while on holiday.

Another important thing is that you should always do proper research to get information on what measures and restrictions are in your country as well as in the country you plan to visit. That is because if you are traveling against your local government’s travel advice, there is a high possibility that in case you get infected, the insurance will not cover these costs.

Precautions to Take

Many parts of Europe are beginning to open up once again as the worst of the pandemic is hopefully over. Cyprus can be a very good vacation destination. The pandemic situation here has not been as severe as the UK, France, Spain, Italy, or Germany. But you will still want to take a few precautions. Wear a mask when you are outdoors, use a sanitizer, and get travel insurance to stay safe.

Also, it is always a better idea to stay in a private villa instead of a hotel or resort. The villa will be only for you and your group for the duration of your stay. You don’t have to share the common spaces with people you don’t know. You don’t have to share the pool as all luxury villas in Cyprus have their own private pools. The in-house chef will prepare your meals so you don’t have to eat out. There are many wonderful villas in Cyprus throughout the island, so you will always have plenty of choices.

It is not a legal requirement

It is good to know that there is no legal obligation to have insurance and that the decision is up to us. But, even though we can choose not to get insurance, it’s always a good idea to protect ourselves and the one we love since it is the only way to be relaxed during the holiday. On the other hand, those who have a valid EHIC card can get help in every state hospital, and it is not necessary to have separate insurance, but it can always be a great addition. While it is not possible to apply for this card anymore, anyone who obtained it before the end of last year should know that it is still valid until the expiration date. Having a valid EHIC card can reduce medical costs, and in some cases, you will get help for free. All this is because of the Brexit, and great news for those planning to visit the UK is that the government already introduced another card called Global Health Insurance Card, which works almost the same as the EHIC card, and everyone can apply for it.

No need to worry about the vaccine passports (yet)

There is a lot of chatter about the vaccine passports for travelers, but, as things currently stand, there is yet to be a country to make any official decision on this matter. Of course, that brings many other questions, and the most important one is about the ethics of that decision and how it could easily be misunderstood if everything is not properly addressed. Nonetheless, some travel operators already brought the certificate of getting the vaccine into their policy, but the good news is that there are only a few of those.

Any decision on this topic is yet to be made, and it all depends on the official decision made by the EU, meaning that if they make a vaccination a must for traveling in any EU country, then the insurance companies will also add it to their policies.

The bottom line

Most of us love to visit new countries, learn more about some culture, and experience something new, but it is always better to wait than to risk anything. There will always be enough time for a new journey, and the only important thing right now is our health. For those who want more info on this topic or don’t know where to find the best insurance, read your insurance policy thoroughly before the purchase.