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Isolation milestones: how couples have been coping in lockdown

Coronavirus has seen our lives change in many ways, and one of these is the amount of time we are spending in our homes each day. With many offices closed – and lots of jobs lost – we have found ourselves stuck inside looking at the same four walls for months now. For those that live with their partners, this lockdown has come with a number of pros and cons. While the quality time, low-key date nights and chances to make memories are a huge plus, the lack of personal space, repetitive day-to-day routine and little squabbles can be difficult to cope with.

To find out how individuals across the UK have been coping with being in each other’s pockets 24/7, jewellery brand F.Hinds have asked 2,000 couples about their lives together in lockdown – what they have been enjoying, what has been causing friction and what advice they would give other couples on how to get on better during this time. Here are some of the findings:

Frequency of arguments

75% of couples admitted to having at least one major argument a week, which could naturally put a huge strain on a relationship. As a result of frequent fighting, 1 in 10 couples also stated that this has made them realise they do not enjoy spending more time with their partner at all. So, what were the causes of these arguments? 37% were in relation to tidying the house, 21% involved who does the cooking, and 14% were down to one person thinking their partner is too loud.

Length of relationship

Do couples that have been in relationships for long periods of time argue less? According the data, apparently not. The couples that have been bickering four times a week over the last five months include those that have been together between 5-10 years. Other topping this list include the couples that have been in a relationship for 1-2 months – and this could be due to learning how to live with one another for the first time.

Jeremy Hinds, Sales Development Director at F.Hinds, hopes that this information can help couples in the future: “The current situation is of course causing a great deal of uncertainty for many couples up and down the country, so we hope our research can help couples identify any potential flashpoints before any further arguments arise. By celebrating small milestones during this time, hopefully couples will be able to break up the stretches of time spent at home, whilst also mitigating any small disagreements before they escalate into full blown arguments!”

Celebrating the small wins

Lockdown life is certainly challenging, which is why it is important to not put too much pressure on yourself. If you have gone three, four, five or even seven days without squabbling, why not treat your partner to a little gift for getting to a new isolation milestone? It’s important to celebrate the small wins, after all.