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Kansas City Chiefs’ 7-Round 2021 Mock Draft Result

NFL diehard fans love to compete with each other in fantasy sports. This platform is created for fans worldwide who want to experience the excitement of being hands-on with every game. Not all of us are given a chance to train or to become a professional player no matter how good you think you are.

If you are a fan who always has something to say about the player’s performance and change of players on each game, participating in online fantasy football can be your thing. The same goes with the NFL draft event. There is also an online fantasy NFL draft where fans like you can participate. This is called the NFL mock draft where you will be given a chance to make decisions on behalf of your favorite team but only for fantasy game purposes. The actual NFL draft is scheduled on April 29, 2021 to May 1, 2021.

To give you an excellent example of the possibilities you can do when participating in mock drafts, here is one of the latest mock draft results made by NFL enthusiasts for the Kansas City Chiefs for 2021.

Round 1 Mock Draft Pick

In the first round, the Chiefs are the 31st team to pick. In this round, the Chiefs selected LB Jamin Davis from Kentucky. He may not be the most experienced player, but Kentucky has a reputation of producing the ideal NFL linebacker. He has the size, speed, and lateral agility to perform his position effectively.

Although Davis can still improve his running game, he is already a great coverage linebacker, which is an essential thing for an NFL player today. This is what the Chiefs should know about Jamin Davis of the Kentucky Wildcats. You can check out the FanDuel sportsbook for the possibility and the odds associated with Davis being drafted in the first round.

Round 2 Mock Draft Pick

In the second round of the draft, the Chiefs are positioned to pick at the 63rd overall or the number 31 pick. As per the mock draft made, the Chiefs’ pick for this round is Quinn Meinerz, an offensive line from Wisconsin. Although Meinerz is an underdog of this year’s draft, he shouldn’t be entirely neglected as he had a great pass blocking score of eight out of ten.

Additionally, Meinerz also has nine over ten scores on run blocking. He was considered as a menace in the run game plowing through the opponent’s defence and left them on the turf as he moved forward. In terms of his athleticism, he got an astounding score of 9.25 over 10, which means he is a very athletic person.

Round 3 Mock Draft Pick

Going down to the 94th pick overall, which is also equivalent to the 31st pick of round 3. The Chiefs chose James Hudson to become one of them. The third round of the 2021 NFL draft will be executed on the second draft day of the season. Hudson has been chosen in this round because he can become the best tackle in the league today, even though he still needs more training when it comes to techniques.

With how the Super Bowl LV ended up for the Chiefs, the team will need to do something about their terrible blocking, which Hudson can be of great help. He might not play as a rookie, but if the coaches train him well and teach him great techniques, he can be a great steal.

Round 4 Mock Draft Pick

Same day as the third round, the 136th pick of this year’s draft season will be Frank Darby, the Wide Receiver from Arizona State made by the Chiefs, of course. Darby is confident that he will follow the first-round pick of his co-Sun Devil-players N’Keal Harry and Brandon Aiyuk. Arizona State has a good reputation as a first-round pick for the last two years, and Darby wanted to continue this trend for the third time in a row.

With this mock draft, Darby was chosen by one of the greatest teams today, but not until the 4th round. Although it may not be according to Frank Darby‘s plan, it still follows what the Chiefs wanted. Darby possesses considerable skills that make him an excellent wide receiver. He uses his frame to shield away defenders and provide a good target for the quarterback. He also possesses excellent hand-eye coordination which makes snatching the ball off the air easy for him. When paired with Mahomes, they can provide a good result.

Round 4 Compensatory Mock Draft Pick

The next pick on the Chiefs mock draft is Rodarius Williams, a cornerback playing for the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the brother of NFL professional player Greedy Williams from Cleveland Browns. Williams possesses the proper size needed to effectively execute his cornerback position.

Six feet and ⅛ inches, weighing around 193 lbs., with a wingspan of 76 and a half, he is built for the role. Williams has showcased his skills in the last three seasons where he aggressively defended his team, blocking the opponents pass attempts and defending passes effectively.

Round 5 Mock Draft Pick

Next to become a Chiefs recruit this year is EDGE Chauncey Golston. He is a perfect player to be a rotational defensive end due to his build. However, if he is going to enter the NFL, he needs to focus on adding some play strength so that he can keep up with his fellow NFL players.

Round 5 Compensatory Mock Draft Pick

Another compensatory pick for the Chiefs in round 5, 181st overall. In this pick, tight end Miller Forristall will make it to the NFL and play alongside the greatest player in the league today. He became qualified to be a part of the Chiefs due to his potential blocking tight end ability. He may be the next Travis Kelce when it comes to being a tight end. This Alabama product can blow up linebackers in a running game.

Round 6 Mock Draft Pick

We are now down to the 6th round of the draft, where the Chiefs selected Naquan Jones. Jones was a great defender, and if he declared for the draft earlier, he could be on the top portion of the board. However, his skill set doesn’t matter too much in the league anymore, making him the Chief’s last pick. Yet, if the Chiefs will indeed give him a chance, Jones can definitely deliver great performance and help the Chief’s improve.

Taking Everything Into Account

Everything on the list may vary from one mock draft result to the other depending on who executed the mock draft. However, the decision was based on the path where the Chiefs might want to go. The mock draft results may not reflect the actual result on the draft day.