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Keep your children safe and warm this winter

Winter is a time for fun and potentially snowy activities that will surely get your children excited and wanting to be outside all day.

However, it is of utmost importance to ensure your little ones are kept safe and warm, as they cannot regulate their temperature as well as us.

Whether your kids are getting ready for a day at a Grandir UK nursery or about to have fun in the snow, here’s some guidance on how to keep your children nice and warm…

Appropriate clothing

As the days get colder, one of the most important steps for ensuring your children’s warmth is to dress them accordingly.

Layers are a great idea – vests could be the first layer, ending with a jumper. This way it’s easier to both layer up and take off anything if they end up getting too hot.

It’s best to invest in quality outerwear too, like insulated jackets, hats, and scarves.

When it comes to shoes, boots are a good way to go – remember to check that they not only have good insulation but have non-slip soles, especially if it gets snowy outside.

Hydration and nutrition

Winter weather can be dehydrating, but you or even your child might not notice as much in comparison to the hotter months.

Ensure they stay hydrated with water and hot drinks too – hot chocolate might be a particular favourite, especially as your children can decorate it as they like!

You might even want to think about the types of meals you’re preparing for your children during these colder months. Nutritious and energy-rich meals, like a hearty stew with lots of vegetables, will keep your children fuelled and warm.

Childproof heating practices

As the radiators are being turned on more as winter comes around, be sure to keep portable heaters or fireplaces out of your children’s reach.

You could even go further as to install a safety gate around any fireplace.

And for your other heating systems, always check that they’re in good working order to prevent any possible carbon monoxide leaks.

Not only do you want to keep everyone warm, but you want to make sure you and your children are kept as safe as possible!


Frostbite and hypothermia are some of the risks that could come with cold weather and it’s a good idea to teach your children about the symptoms in a way that they will understand, just in case.

For example, some symptoms include numbness and tingling, so if any of these symptoms do crop up, seek medical attention.

Another teaching lesson that can come up with winter is about safe play – especially reminding your children to not venture onto any frozen bodies of water.

And if your children are partaking in any winter sports, emphasise the importance of helmets and make sure that these activities are supervised to ensure maximum safety.

This way, your children can still have fun in the snow with fewer risk factors!

There are plenty of ways to keep your children safe and warm this winter to ensure they can enjoy all of the joys that the season can bring!