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‘Know your employment rights and responsibilities’ urges new campaign

Senedd. Credit: Adobe Stock

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government Hannah Blythyn has announced a new campaign to strengthen the knowledge and understanding of workplace rights and responsibilities.

The Welsh Government has teamed up with Social Partners, the Wales TUC, FSB, CBI, Chambers Wales and other key partners, Acas and Citizens Advice, to launch a campaign to increase awareness of the expert workforce support available for both workers and businesses.

The campaign highlights the importance of employers, workers and trade unions collectively working together to make workplaces a better, safer and fairer place for all.

As well as directing workers and employers to specialist information and advice, workers are being encouraged to join a Trade Union as the best way to protect their rights at work. Employers meanwhile are urged to seek membership with a business representative organisation where professional advice and support can be sought.

Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government, Hannah Blythyn, said: “Employment law can be highly technical and complex. For this reason, many workers and businesses in Wales are often unaware of either their rights or responsibilities.

“This is not a new l concern, but COVID-19 and the challenges it presents have intensified theneed to act now. Having spent over a decade in thetrade unions movement,I know first-hand the importance of workers and employers understanding their rights and responsibilities and the benefits that having access to expert advice and representation can bring.

“Improving knowledge and awareness ca ngive people more confidence and empower them to protect their rights, while employers will be able to access the support and advice they may need to stay within the law at this difficult time.”