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Llantrisant man convicted of exposure and voyeurism

Jordan Scaffe

Jordan Scaffe has been sentenced to 14 months imprisonment and made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, after being convicted of six counts of exposure and three counts of voyeurism.

Scaffe, 28 from Llantrisant exposed himself on a number of occasions to victims including young girls. Scaffe filmed women while they were undressing in a changing room and of schoolgirls’ reactions as he showed them his genitals.

However, when arrested and his phone was seized, officer in the case DC Harri Andrews found key evidence on Scaffe’s phone, where he had filmed some of his offending which meant that he had no option but to plead guilty at court.

Stored under a folder in his phone entitled ‘secret’ were videos of Scaffe’s offending, filming himself exposing his genitals and masturbating in clear view of the victims. Photographs were also found on the phone of three different women in a changing room, who were unknowingly photographed while they were in a state of undress, some wearing underwear and some naked.

He initially claimed that the witnesses had conspired against him and made malicious racially motivated allegations.

Detective Constable Harri Andrews commented,“Scaffe was a persistent offender who targeted isolated females and young girls during his offending. His offending was such that created an unsafe environment for these women and represented a huge invasion of privacy of the women he targeted. The sentence imposed by the courts should provide solace to those members of the community and the victims of Scaffe’s crimes.”