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Llanychllwydog School Achieves Language Charter Gold Award

Pictured are teachers and pupils at Llanychllwydog School receiving the Langugae Charter Gold Award from Steven Richards-Downes, Director of Education and Elin Fry, Senior Improvement Adviser, alongside Seren a Sbarc, the Language Charter Superheroes.

Llanychllwydog School in the Gwaun Valley is thrilled to announce that it has become the first Welsh-medium school in Pembrokeshire to be honoured with the prestigious Language Charter Gold Award for its exceptional commitment to the promotion and utilisation of the Welsh language.

This recognition highlights the school’s dedication to preserving the cultural heritage of Wales while fostering an inclusive and rich Welsh learning environment for its learners.

The Language Charter Gold Award is given to schools that demonstrate outstanding efforts in promoting the Welsh language across all aspects of school life and in the community. The award also recognises how Llanychllwydog School has promoted Welshness by instilling a deep sense of cultural pride, celebrating Welsh traditions, fostering enjoyment of Welsh as a living language and creating an environment where the language thrives.

Llanychllwydog School is not only dedicated to nurturing the Welsh language with its learners but also plays a crucial role in developing Welsh within the broader community. Recognising the importance of promoting Welsh beyond the classroom, the school actively engages with individuals and groups who are learning the language.

At Llanychllwydog School the ‘Criw Cymraeg’ create opportunities for learners in the area to join them in school on celebration days to practice and immerse themselves in the Welsh language in a supportive and inclusive environment. By fostering connections and collaboration with the wider community, the school actively empowers individuals to embrace the language and enriching the cultural fabric of the region.

Catrin Phillips, Welsh Language Devlopment Officer for Pembrokeshire County council congratulated the school on their outstanding achievement. “It was a pleasure to award the school for their unwavering dedication to upholding the cultural values of the area and nurturing a generation of linguistically proficient and culturally aware individuals,” she said.

She added: “Llanychllwydog School’s commitment to developing Welsh within the community is a testament to its vision of ensuring that the language remains vibrant and relevant for generations to come.”

Headteacher Amanda Lawrence expressed her delight at receiving the Language Charter Gold Award, saying: “This achievement is a testament to the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff, learners, parents, and the wider community. At Llanychllwydog School, we believe that language is the key to preserving and celebrating our cultural heritage. We are immensely proud of our learners for embracing the Welsh language and immersing themselves in its rich history.”

Cllr Guy Woodham, Cabinet Member for Education and the Welsh Language, congratulated the school on receiving the award, saying: !I am delighted to hear that the great efforts and hard work of the learners and staff at Ysgol Llanychllwydog have been recognised by their receiving the Language Charter Gold Award. As a Welsh learner myself, I know the importance of using and immersing yourself in the Welsh language and making sure it is fun for learners and everyone involved. Diolch yn fawr pawb!”