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MotorEasy acquires Motokiki tyre comparison website

The UK’s fastest growing motoring association, MotorEasy, has completed the acquisition of Motokiki. The only independent tyre comparison website is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding portfolio of MotorEasy products, offering drivers a modern solution that reduces the risk and stress often associated with motoring.

“The tyre industry has been slow to adapt to ‘buy today, deliver tomorrow’ consumer expectations, instead relying on more traditional marketing methods,” says Duncan McClure Fisher, MotorEasy founder and CEO. “This out-dated approach is partly due to tyre purchasing’s many variables and jargon, including sizing and performance characteristics. Motokiki pulls data from a number of sources and companies to provide the best results in seconds.”

According to market analysts, the global tyre market is forecast to grow to 2.7billion units by 2022. Motokiki’s own data shows that tyres sold online are the fastest growing component, expected to account for 20% of all sales in 2020 (up from 13% in 2016). In the UK alone the market is estimated to be worth £3bn. The newly announced UK ban on internal combustion engine vehicle sales from 2035 also places a renewed focus on tyre technology and choice: high levels of instantly available torque and increased electric vehicle (EV) weight puts tyres under increased strain and can accelerate wear by up to 30%*. The emergence of dedicated EV tyres further complicates tyre choice.

“Motokiki’s values directly mirror MotorEasy’s ambitions: to provide motorists with clarity of choice from a trusted source in a rapidly evolving market,” says McClure Fisher. “We’re delighted to expand our services with the acquisition of a company innovating in an otherwise traditional sector. The addition of Motokiki provides drivers with unprecedented tyre purchasing clarity that perfectly complements our mission to provide everything required by the modern motorist.

“Motokiki is unique in bringing local tyre fitters together online, to compete with the big discount websites, while retaining what they are best at: customer service,” he continues. “This makes replacing tyres easy for motorists and local businesses alike. Clever technology provides motorists with a simple purchase process for a huge range of tyres at industry-leading prices. Everyone’s a winner.”

Brand, fuel efficiency, wet performance and noise rating all influence tyre choice. For example, using MotoKiki, a budget tyre for a Volkswagen Polo currently costs £39 fitted, or a premium brand tyre is £86:“We’ll provide motorists with the understanding to make an informed decision,” explains McClure Fisher.

“For most drivers on a budget a significant saving per tyre is a worthwhile trade-off for a few decibels more road noise,” he continues. “Fuel efficiency is more affected by sensible driving than tyre choice. You can easily sort results based on what is important to you: for example, the best wet grip rating for the VW above is £59.

“For all of new cars’ advanced driver assistance and safety systems, tyres provide the only direct link between the vehicle and the road surface. This makes the correct tyre selection a huge decision,” concludes McClure Fisher. “Tyre purchasing is a confusing and expensive process. The acquisition of Motokiki will help guide drivers through the technical jargon and ensure they get the best deal possible on their next set of tyres.”

The acquisition of Motokiki is the latest announcement from MotorEasy, which is celebrating a remarkable year of growth. As part of an ever growing range of products, the association has recently launched a new Parts Only Warranty, GAP Insurance and a range of finance options to help members find the best car deals and protect their investment.