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New Community Animal Welfare Initiative in Wales

Animal Welfare Wales, a new community-led initiative, marks a significant step forward in the promotion of responsible pet ownership throughout Wales.

This innovative 6-month pilot, spearheaded by the Animal Welfare Investigations Project (AWIP), aims to elevate the standard of care for companion animals across the region, focusing on South and West Wales, including CF, NP, and SA postcodes.

In a concerted effort to address and mitigate issues of animal neglect and cruelty, Animal Welfare Wales is set to offer comprehensive support to pet owners. This includes advice on adhering to the Five Freedoms, ensuring animals lead healthy lives. The initiative will respond proactively to welfare concerns reported by the community, with uniformed field officers ready to provide guidance, issue advice, and where necessary, intervene by taking animals into possession with a view towards bringing a prosecution.

Jacob Lloyd, the head of Animal Welfare Investigations Project, reflected on the need for this initiative, stating, “Following a successful cruelty case in November 2023, where AWIP successfully prosecuted an individual under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, we’ve seen firsthand the pressing need for proactive welfare measures across Wales. The rise in animal cruelty and neglect is alarming, and through Animal Welfare Wales, we are committed to turning the tide, ensuring the wellbeing of animals across Wales.”

The public is encouraged to report any welfare concerns by contacting the Incident Helpline at 0343 289 5999. The helpline will be open Monday to Friday 8am till 8pm, and on Saturday and Sunday 9am till 6pm.

In addition, Animal Welfare Wales is calling on compassionate individuals across South Wales to join the initiative as animal foster carers. This vital role will support the scheme’s ability to provide emergency boarding for animals in need, highlighting the community’s integral role in this welfare movement.

For more information, to report a concern, or to become a foster carer, please contact Animal Welfare Wales at 0343 289 5999. More information can also be found on the Animal Welfare Wales’ website.