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New role for Kilsby Williams’ up and coming star

Olivia Dyer, 23, from Cardiff, has been appointed as President of the South and East Wales Chartered Accountants’ Student Society (SEWCASS).

Olivia, who works as a Business Services Assistant for Newport-based accountancy and tax experts Kilsby Williams, was voted into the role of President by SEWCASS’s committee and will hold the position for 12 months.

SEWCASS has over 300 members in South and East Wales and on top of offering members networking opportunities with peers, the organisation enables them to meet influential financial directors from across Wales.

Olivia said: “As well as being great for networking, SEWCASS provides a strong support system for newly qualified accountants.

“I have two main goals during my tenure as President: to increase the number of people attending our events; and to introduce new, technical events for our members to help them gain practical experiences and skills. SEWCASS has a strong tradition in South and East Wales and I hope to use my time in the role to continue that.”

Managing Partner at Kilsby Williams, Simon Tee, said: “Many of the staff here were involved with SEWCASS at the start of their career and it stood them all in good stead for what was to come.

“I am confident that Olivia will be an excellent President and will be a great advocate for Kilsby Williams.”


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