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New Start-Up Hawkstone Commercials Records £2.5 Million Turnover

Pictured: L-R: Paul Rickets and Oliver Lewis

Bridgend based new start-up Hawkstone Commercials records a staggering £2.5 million in turnover in its first 10 months of trading.

Founded in January 2022 from a kitchen table by co-directors Oliver Lewis and Paul Rickets, Hawkstone Commercials is an award winning van and commercial leasing vehicle broker. Hawkstone launched with an initial turnover target of £150,000 for year one.

It quickly became apparent that all expectations were hugely underestimated, with each month surging further past target. Hawkstone also modestly hoped to open its first office and employ one extra member of staff. By December this also proved to be way off track, with a second office move completed, five employees onboarded and plans to take this to eleven as quickly as possible.

Oliver Lewis, Co-director of Hawkstone Commercials said, “launching a business is difficult at the best of times. To start a business in the motor trade during the most intense and gruelling of industry recessions seems almost insane today. Due to covid, Brexit and supply chain issues, there has been practically no stock available or a delay of five to sixth months for everything. However, due to our industry knowledge and personal contacts we have circumvented this and been able to deliver stock on time, or with very little delay.”

Paul Ricketts, Co-director says, “When we started, we set modest goals for our first year, it’s clear that we’re doing something different and unique. We are hitting targets that we didn’t believe were possible during our first year. Moving forward, Hawkstone Commercials is determined to parlay the trust and reliability our customers place in us, into becoming one of the most successful commercial vehicle leasing brokers in the UK”

Reflecting upon the last year, it’s clear that Hawkstone Commercials is set for stratospheric success. However, developments that have been taking place in the background will change the DNA of the commercial vehicle leasing industry. The company is looking forward to bringing these to market in the second quarter of 2023. With all the challenges and doom and gloom around economic prospects for Wales and the UK, it’s heartening to see a true good news story.