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Pembrokeshire holiday company refunds all April booking

Pembrokeshire holiday firm NetLet is helping the fight against coronavirus by offering free date changes and/or cancelling and refunding all April 2020 bookings of its holiday cottages.

The company, which also runs a laundry service and a housekeeping service, is focusing its efforts on ways in which these services can be put to good use in the community. Booking fees for the holiday homes are being refunded minus the £35 booking fee, as this money has already been spent on transaction and booking channel fees.

Its work now includes cleaning accommodation in several places in Pembrokeshire, including a holiday park, which are being used to house NHS staff during the crisis. The company has reduced its pricing in order to better support the community. Its specialised cleaning services include “fogging”, which involves releasing a canister of aerosol disinfectant into a room to sterilise the air and all surfaces. It has been proven to kill coronavirus.

The company has also adapted its housekeeping and cleaning service so that elderly people continue to receive support during the crisis. By keeping each elderly client in a separate room from the housekeeper, bedding can still be changed, packages dropped off and other essential work carried out – for example, the company also has access to plumbers and electricians who are on hand to carry out repairs as needed.

NetLet Laundry is one of the only laundry services in Pembrokeshire to use HACCP certified machines, which means they offer the highest level of hygiene. The company follows strict guidelines to ensure there is no cross-contamination, including protecting staff with appropriate personal protection equipment and also using dissolvable bio bags so that contaminated laundry does not need to be touched while being transported or put into the machines.

The combination of these services enables the company to provide essential support within the community during the coronavirus crisis.

Emma Taylor, one of NetLet’s directors, said:

“It was a priority for us to close our holiday homes for the month of April under government guidance in order to prevent people bringing the virus into the area. There has been a lot of anxiety in rural communities about this happening and we wanted to make it clear that our priority is stopping the spread of the virus. We are not just a holiday company: with our laundry and housekeeping services we are very much part of the local community and we feel a deep sense of responsibility towards protecting it and looking after its most vulnerable members.

“At a time like this we are in a position to give back to the community. This is not about making money – it’s about protecting the jobs of as many of our staff as we can and helping to support NHS workers and the elderly. Our tagline is ‘where quality counts’ and we remain committed to upholding quality in everything from our laundry service to the professionalism of our housekeepers, all of whom are checked, insured, uniformed and fully trained. We are proud to be doing our bit to help Pembrokeshire, its elderly and its NHS workers during these challenging times.”