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Radnor makes Anti-Bullying Alliance its Charity of the Year

Williams Watkins of Radnor

Soft drinks manufacturer Radnor, which produces the UK’s leading school compliant drink’s brands, has made the Anti-Bullying Alliance its Charity of the Year.

Radnor Fam consists of the Radnor Fizz, Radnor Fruits and Radnor Splash brands which sell over 55 million units a year to UK school.

The company is making a donation to the charity and encouraging its staff to fundraise during the course of the year long partnership, which runs until June 20, 2022.

The money raised will support the charity’s vital work to unite against bullying and improve the way schools prevent and respond to bullying taking place online and face-to-face.

Radnor will also be taking part in Anti-Bullying Week’s ‘One Kind Word’ between 15-19 November which is expected to involve 80% of schools and reach over 7.5 million children and young people.

The company will provide exclusive prizes for the School Staff Award that recognises the incredible work of school staff to prevent and respond appropriately to bullying from the playground to mobile phones.

Pupils are invited to nominate the member of school staff they think should win and the winners are chosen by a panel of young people.

William Watkins, Founder and Managing Director of Radnor Hills, said: We are delighted to align ourselves with the brilliant work that is done by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

“Anyone who has experienced bullying will know how distressing it is. We have a following of over 20,000 school children aged 13-20 who we interact with every day on Instagram.

“We hope that our partnership with the Anti-Bullying Alliance will help to support young people who may be experiencing bullying themselves.

“We also wanted to do something to help support schools after the tough time they have had during the pandemic and are looking forward to seeing the entries from pupils for the School Staff Award.”

Martha Evans, Director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, said: “We are delighted and proud to have been chosen as Radnor Fam’s Charity of the Year.

“Bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life that can last well into adulthood. The funds raised by Radnor Fam and their support of Anti-Bullying Week this year will help us continue our much-needed work to reduce bullying and to improve the way schools and other settings respond to it.”