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Review: Footloose tour arrives at New Theatre Cardiff

The Footloose UK Tour has arrived at the New Theatre, Cardiff.

If you want a fun time that will get you out of your seat dancing, Footloose at the New Theatre is the perfect show to watch this week!

Footloose follows Chicago city boy Ren (played by Joshua Hawkins) when he moves to a new town, Bomont, only to find dancing and rock music are deemed too ‘sinful’ and are in fact against the law. So, taking matters into his own hands, he decides to bring the town back to life through dance, but standing in his way is Reverend Shaw Moore (played by Darren Day).

The musical is based on the 1980s screen sensation where Kevin Bacon took the leading role and this cast and crew did not disappoint in bringing the joyful atmosphere of the film to the stage!

Throughout the musical, the cast brings the energy not just in the choreography but into their performances of some of the classic 80s hits, including “Almost Paradise”, “Let’s Hear It For The Boys” and, of course, the musical title “Footloose”.

One of our standout favourites was Holding Out for a Hero which was sung by female lead Ariel Moore, played by newcomer and standout vocalist Lucy Munden. She was also beautifully supported by Rusty (Oonagh Cox), Urleen (Samantha Richards), and Wendy-Jo (Jess Barker), who had amazing chemistry with each other to bring the joy of this song to life, accompanied with an excellent dance performance by Jake Quickenden, playing Ren’s best friend Willard, earning a massive cheer from the crowd.

Overall, Jake provides excellent comedic value to his role, especially in his number Mama Says, which will surely get you laughing and you’ll be amazed by the tire-ography performed by the ensemble.

Although the on-stage musical contains less plot than the original film, what was clear was the abundance of talent on the stage last night. The performers swapped seamlessly from actors, to singers, to dancers and to musicians – many of whom could be seen playing upwards of 2 instruments as well as playing their part.

The show contains a couple of adult references, but is mostly great fun for anyone who just loves a night full of music, dancing and a lot of laughter!

Whether you are already familiar with the story or are looking to try something new, you will leave with a massive smile on your face following a heart-warming ending and dance-worthy “Megamix” to close the show.

Footloose is on until Saturday 4th June 2022 at Cardiff’s New Theatre. To find out more and to book tickets, click here.