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Review: When Darkness Falls at the New Theatre Cardiff

A ghost story by James Milton and Paul Morrissey

Peter Duncan (John Blondel) & Daniel Rainford (The Speaker) in When Darkness Falls. Credit: Pamela Raith

Halloween is creeping up on us, and the New Theatre, Cardiff is a perfect venue for a chilling ghost story by James Milton and Paul Morrissey. Prepare yourself audience to be both thrilled and terrified.

So, what’s the story?

Picture this if you dare, a stormy night on the small island of Guernsey, a two-man ghostly tale. The audience is drawn into dark pasts by the power of stories. A very young paranormal expert and a sceptical history teacher, John Blondel played by Olivier nominated Peter Duncan, and Daniel Rainford as the speaker. Their combined performance was eerie and thought provoking.

They come together to record the first in a series of podcasts based on the island’s paranormal history and folklore. Sceptical Blondel is soon drawn into the horrifying stories and disturbing truths, leaving the audience to pull together the threads of the plot, exploring your own perceptions of life and the paranormal.

Peter Duncan (John Blondel) in When Darkness Falls. Credit: Pamela Raith

The actor Peter Duncan is no stranger to the stage or television. Peter studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, with his early career as a stage actor, and joined Blue Peter in 1980. After leaving Blue Peter he returned to the stage .

Daniel Rainford (The Speaker) in When Darkness Falls. Credit: Pamela Raith

The second actor to this two-man ghostly tale is Daniel Rainford, a young versatile actor who is also no stranger to the stage, including screen credits for this years The Batman.

If you are anything like me who enjoys a horrifying story inspired by true events, then this is a must. It’s a production that has haze, loud noises, flashing lights and wait for it, total blackouts.

Do you believe in ghosts? This is the question poised. There are clever stage effects which add to the eerie atmosphere, and a ringtone on Blondel’s mobile phone which brings humour to the darkness.

Writers Paul Morrissey and James Milton have worked together for 15 years and brought this chilling ghost story to the New Theatre for 5 nights only, so catch it before it leaves, with matinee available on selected dates and evening performances.


This production may not be suitable for under 15 and includes strong language, in addition to haze, loud noises, flashing lights and total blackness.

Running Time: 2 hours 5 mins interval included.

Darkness Falls is currently showing at the New Theatre Cardiff until Saturday, 15th October 2022. To find out more and book tickets, click here.