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Siltbuster Shortlisted for Leading Construction Industry Award

Monmouth-based Siltbuster has been shortlisted for ‘Best Innovation’ at the prestigious Construction News Awards 2019. The company has been selected for its EcoClear system, developed in collaboration with Swedish company Aquajet, the market leader in hydrodemolition.

[aoa id=”1″]The EcoClear is a game-changing system, uniquely capable of treating the large flows (up to 20 m3/hr) of wastewater produced during the removal of concrete by robotic hydrodemolition on construction sites. The system treats the highly alkaline water, which can reach pH levels of up to 12 (same as oven cleaner), to a very high standard, making it safe for discharge back into the natural environment. Without treatment, such water, if released into watercourses would kill fish and damage aquatic ecosystems. The likely result would be an environmental prosecution and heavy financial penalty.[/aoa]

The EcoClear, which is the product of more than two years of research and development, not only has huge environmental benefits, but also saves construction companies money. The alternative method of collecting and then tankering the waste water for disposal off-site is a significant cost.

EcoClear system

Since its launch in 2017, concrete removal companies globally have embraced the EcoClear system, which is designed and manufactured in South Wales. To date, 10 units have been shipped to North America, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, with the most recent acquisition being sent as far as Australia.

Richard. D. Coulton, General Manager – Construction at Siltbuster, said:

“Being shortlisted for any Construction News Award is a major achievement, but the ‘Best Innovation’ category is the most fiercely contested. We are thrilled!

“Our mission is to provide the global construction industry with equipment which enables it to meet the highest environmental standards. We’re establishing a world-renowned centre of excellence here in Monmouth, expanding our workforce with top local talent, so it is a big deal for everyone involved for our innovation and work to be recognised by this shortlist.”

The winners of The Construction News Awards will be announced on 11th July 2019 at a ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London.