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South Wales Police launch new drugs strategy to tackle dealers

South Wales Police

South Wales Police has launched the Substance Misuse and Harm Reduction Strategy 2022 – 2025, outlining what the Force is doing to reduce and prevent the harmful effects that drugs have on our communities.

No drug use is minor. Drug users build their tolerance and the impact on their lives gets greater. It needs to be stopped early.

Research shows that prolonged use can significantly affect overall health and wellbeing, and short-term use can have fatal consequences.

The latest national data ranked South Wales Police as 1st out of 43 police forces across the UK for our reduction in drug offences.

Since April 1st this year:

  • 322 people with links to Serious and Organised Crime have been arrested and charged
  • This led to seizures of 84kg of Class A and 187kg of cannabis and other Class B drugs.
  • More than 70 offenders with established links to organised crime have been brought before the Courts and convicted of drug related offences.  

The Substance Misuse and Harm Reduction Strategy 2022 – 2025 is part of the Force’s commitment to tackle drug trafficking and supply across South Wales.

It focusses on developing early intervention opportunities, reducing harm through breaking the cycle of addiction and tackling supply.

Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan said: “We have made 962 arrests for drug trafficking and possession of drug offences since April this year.

“We will keep relentlessly pursuing drug dealers who inflict misery, creating an environment that is simply too difficult for them to operate in. Support is essential to improve quality of life for people with dependency. Those struggling with drug addiction are often victims themselves, and that’s why it’s so important that we work on new approaches to help break the cycle of harm.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Rt Hon Alun Michael said: “This strategy very clearly sets out our approach, on how we plan to deal with the scourge of drug abuse in our communities, the impact it has on the families affected and the individuals that benefit from the financial gain they receive from misery and crime, drug use and abuse.

“I have always made it clear, the problem of issues like this are not something we can solve alone, we need to be building positive, honest and dynamic partnerships with the teams that work in our communities, the agencies that hold the relationships with the drug users, and the support and safeguarding of our police force that sees the tragedies, violence and local impact on a regular basis.

“I look forward to seeing the commitment of our staff, officers, Police and Community Support Officers, our partners and our community leaders coming together, to help us all keep South Wales safe.”