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Staff get time off and free food to watch every Rugby World Cup game

Rugby fever has taken over Cardiff-based recruitment agency Recruit 121, with staff given time off to watch games, access to a beer and wine fridge and treated to Domino’s Pizza and Subway sandwiches during matches. Team members are all included in an internal sweepstake and have the chance to win one of forty rugby jerseys.

The company, located in Capital Tower, employs more than 45 people from around the globe and for any match for which they have a national working for them, the whole company gets the time off to watch it on the office’s big screen and enjoy complimentary food and drink. Members of staff also bring in food dishes to share that represent the countries playing which has so far included Welsh cakes, Georgian khachapuri and American cookies

Recruit 121 was established in 2000 and prioritises staff wellbeing and company culture. No stranger to rewarding staff, earlier this year, after achieving a significant milestone, the whole company was treated to an all-expense paid five-day holiday to Key West in Florida Keys.

Recruit 121 CEO, Che Hookings, said:

“In our industry, it is typical that incentives are offered to the top performing individual sales people, but that’s not the way we do it. We have dedicated departments that all need to come together to support great service delivery, and as such, everyone contributes to our achievements and so we reward everyone.

“We deliver the very best quality service to the world’s leading companies across the globe. We work extremely hard and have very high standards and so offer big incentives to reflect this.

“Throughout the Rugby World Cup, as well as treating staff during matches, we have 40 rugby shirts hanging up around the office which are available for all team members to win based on a combination of service, sales and fun based initiatives.

“Obviously we are supporting Wales in the World Cup and wish them all the best for their quarter final match against France on Sunday, but our company is truly global so we are rooting for all teams!”

Recruit 121 has a large global customer base with 30% in the UK, 30% in Europe and 30% from outside the EU and is planning a major international expansion in 2020.

For more information visit www.recruit121.com.